GBE Management Drops Artist Huncho Uno

From: GBE
Published: Sat Oct 21 2017

GBE Management has confirmed that Huncho Uno has been released from agreement due to contractual obligations not being met. The both met at the 2016 BET Awards when Huncho Uno approached Alander Pulliam with his headphones while playing tunes, at the moment Huncho Uno was requested for a meeting to discuss his music and current Opportunities. Later he discovered that Huncho Uno had a gift that he felt had a chance to endure the music industry at it's current state. On July 21st 2017, Both GBE Management and Huncho Uno came to agreement that Management was needed. In that meeting Alander Pulliam agreed to start a fast course of action and therefore he made a decision to go full throttle in taken on the artist. After finding out the artist was not aware of certain aspects of the business he begin to give insight so that Huncho Uno would be able to withstand and be able to be pushed. The strategy that GBE had was not coherent with the Plan that Huncho Uno wanted to experience. Therefore Huncho Uno requested to opt out of the agreement, stating that is only four months and nothing was done on Management part. On the other hand GBE Management decided that releasing him would be a good idea as well due to the morals of the story itself not being totally understood. Alander Pulliam stated that the artist Huncho Uno was not brought as a package therefore he had to be packaged unfortunately Huncho Uno thinks differently despite his limited knowledge and experience of the business compared to someone such as Alander Pulliam experience and track record. The final request was honored by GBE Management. For now this is all the information that we have. For more information you can contact us by using the contact buttons.
Company: GBE
Contact Name: Lauren Lanyard
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Contact Phone: 8188772330

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