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Published: Sun Oct 22 2017

Sami Khuyay, will provide free schooling for children and teenagers. Sami Khuyay will create an educational environment where kids can receive help with their homework, learn about other school subjects, increase creativity through art workshops, and improve social abilities by organizing and participating in activities. All our plans will be supported by an awesome team of volunteers – full of respect, love, dedication, and patience- who will enhance the natural skills of the children of Cuyana to achieve a brighter future.

Cuyana is one of the hundreds of towns which are forgotten by the government of Peru. Like other small towns in the Peruvian jungle, Cuyana does not have drinking water, drainage, nor electricity. The people in this community spend most of their days working the land and raising livestock. A considerable number of the population only has had the opportunity to finish elementary school. During weekdays, the children attend school for about four hours. The few teachers who are available do their best to educate these kids as much as they can. Although many parents are eager to help their children with their school work or share knowledge with them, they do not have the necessary education to accomplish this task.

Our goal, Finish building the school!
And last but not least, You! These kids need you. We need you to be able to make our dream come true!

The community of Cuyana needs a complementary school, and Sami Khuyay needs your donation to finish the construction of this school.

Please click on the link and read what they are doing. If each one of my friends and family are willing to donate just a few they will be able to meet the goal and complete construction of the school. you can't give a better gift than education.
Thank you, and pass it on please!.
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