The Man Who Devised Dreams

From: House of Bed
Published: Mon Oct 23 2017

Mattresses were always at lower scores of the Indian household checklists that sought a decent investment. The fact that mattresses are impactful determinants of luxuriousness and sophistication in the interior designing industry, was understood to the Indian customer, but in the lack of guidance, the suggestion of the sales person was determining. A reason could be little knowledge about it. People were ready to spend and would give anything for the best one.

However, things were going to change and priorities revised. From Gujarat, the birthplace of the dynamic Indian Prime Minister, a man set off to substantiate an idea that was to change the sleeping instruments available to people.

Mattresses were going to get a make-over, a new place in the household checklist along with a new abode - It was going Online.

Endeavors similar to this had been made; therefore, this had to be different


‘Unboxing’ the Idea: How it began

Pankhil Desai, the man behind the idea, believed that well-slept people have healthy minds and healthy minds make better-enlightened nations. He was quick in grasping the issues prevailing in this industry, that Indian consumers seek simple products and the terms that they use to describe a good mattress generally are soft and bouncy. Keeping that in mind he brought to the good fortune of the Indian consumers, the ‘House of Bed’ that dealt in manufacturing specifically according to the choices and demands. In attempts towards fulfilling the idea, just like every successful project begins with an in-depth research, the 'revolution' in the field of mattresses kick started with a pilot study. This unmaking of the whole process gave an insight into the choices and needs that had to be met according to which the raw materials had to be procured. Superior quality raw materials used in the manufacturing of good quality mattresses were to come all the way from Europe. The conclusion had to be an unmatchable design-comfort ratio to devise a dream nap, not forgetting the much-loved Indian feel to them.

'Unfolding' the Dream: Journey

This was all just an imagination of Pankhil Desai till a team of mattress designers was called upon to knit his dreams the way he had seen them. This was challenging since this team of designers was required to be well-informed about the global contemporary trend and design mattresses consistent with the same. What was equally important was imparting an Indian edge to them while keeping in mind the look and comfort. Such blending of the elements seemed challenging because of the lack of craftsmen who would either be unaware of new kinds of foams for fillings or lacked knowledge of global designs. Pankhil Desai, however, had everything brought together and the most challenging part was dealt with.

History is eloquent about how mattresses have changed their forms from cotton fibers to springs to goat bladders, foams, latex to fluid fillings, their marketing too required pacing up to the ever-changing world and Pankhil Desai was a dynamic rationale to produce the ‘bed in the box’ concept from 'House of Bed'. The uniqueness of his idea owed to an elimination of the middlemen. This was a cost-cutting mechanism for both ends, while it promised delivery to customer's doorstep without any inconvenience to the latter.

Through 'House of Bed', Pankhil Desai and his team hope that people define their standard of living by their standard of sleeping and explore the comfort and luxury of the best.

Mattresses have long been a sacred space under which we tend to hide our valuables, Indian customers were to just realize that mattresses are what we confide in, that sleep is fundamental, and through House of Bed, he echoes the same idea.

The way ahead, indeed, is how Pankhil Desai would have it, that is, attempting to establishing 'house of Bed' as a name in the world of beds and introducing India to the global market of mattresses. The takeaway is that your end product will not be exactly what you have imagined, but anything that is untouched by negativity and faithlessness, and executed with determination, comes with its lessons and that's what makes it all worth its while.
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