ICO Accelerator Iconiq Lab Announces Partnership With Liquet Associates

From: Iconiq Lab
Published: Mon Oct 23 2017

Iconiq Lab, a global initial coin offer (ICO) and token-sale accelerator program, today announces its partnership with Liquet Associates, a law firm with a competence spectrum covering financial market regulation, corporate law, private equity, venture capital and start-up consulting.

With the frenzy around crypto opportunities and startups skyrocketing, legal structuring becomes one of the most sought-after subjects. Having a coherent legal structure is invaluable from an investor perspective as well. Through this alliance, we seek to create legal guidance for startups in this steadily changing, very challenging legal environment and help them establish the best possible entity and structure to become successful in the blockchain world.

Iconiq Lab’s mission is to allow for the flow of entrepreneurial creativity through using tokens as financing instruments for the worthiest startups. This partnership with Liquet Associates will provide crypto startups with trustable resources to create the best suited legal structures for an ICO.
"As strategic partner of Iconiq Lab we accompany this cross-border and first-of-its-kind venture with pleasure. These are exciting times for the ICO universe and especially for blockchain-related startups" said Thomas J. Kowohl, Managing Partner of Liquet Associates. "Our uniquely positioned cross-practice team supports Iconiq Lab to find the legal solutions to execute ICOs successfully." added Dr. Jochen Kasper, Managing Partner of Liquet Associates.

"It’s incredibly valuable to have an independent law firm like Liquet as a strategic partner. One of the biggest value-adds for the startups we are working with is our objectivity towards jurisdictions. Liquet Associates is challenging every legal advice we are receiving from our respective partners in different countries" said Maximilian Lautenschläger, co-founder and Sourcing Director of Iconiq Lab.
"We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Liquet Associates and add them as an advisor to Iconiq Lab," added Patrick Lowry, CEO and co-founder of Iconiq Lab. "Liquet Associates has proven themselves as an accomplished contributor, and we value their input when it comes to sourcing opportunities regarding ICO offerings in various jurisdictions to construct tokens as investment opportunity."

About Iconiq Lab:
Iconiq Lab is an initial coin offer and token launch seed funding wallet and accelerator. Iconiq Lab sources, funds, develops and accelerates the best crypto, blockchain and technology startups to their own ICO during a 12-week program. Through these efforts, Iconiq Lab aims to create the best investment opportunities for Iconiq token holders and the mass crypto markets. Iconiq Lab was co-founded by investment managers Patrick Lowry, Maximilian Lautenschläger and Lukasz Musialski, blockchain innovation pioneer Sandris Murins, and venture marketing expert Arabdha Sudhir. It has core team members located in Europe, the United States and Asia. Iconiq Lab is planning its own token launch in late 2017, with the initial batch of the program set to begin in February 2018.
About Liquet:
The law firm Liquet Associates is a law firm founded in Frankfurt and Mainz and active throughout Europe with a competence spectrum covering all areas of financial markets and corporate law. This includes commercial and corporate law, private equity, venture capital as well as start-up consulting. Liquet Associates is committed to providing long-term support to clients through continuity and broad-based consultation, the economic, political and private interests of the clients are safeguarded and tailor-made solutions are developed in close consultation.

Company: Iconiq Lab
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