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Published: Tue Oct 24 2017, a new, full-service surrogacy-based membership website that is designed to provide support and information to surrogate mothers, intended parents, surrogate agencies, egg donor, sperm donors, and more, this week officially opened its virtual doors to everyone interested in learning more about the potential of surrogacy.

Designed to provide a community of encouragement, support, expert information, and direct interaction that can spare intended parents money in the process, was founded amidst the sky-high prices to have a child via surrogacy in the United States today.

"After 10-years of infertility, I didn’t know where to turn," said Sandy Dennis, Founder and Owner of "The miscarriages were maddening, and it left me with such debilitating heartache, I never thought I would be a mother. After finding a surrogate independently, I realized I had a shot at bringing my own children into the world. This experience is what drove me to found" starts with a "What You Need" section that goes through the basic points and information for intended parents, surrogates, and those considering becoming an egg donor. The site also provides a recommended clinic for those interested in starting a family: Dr. Robert Kiltz of CNY Fertility Center. Plus, there’s a full-service blog that updates regularly with stories like, "Create a Perfect Family With a Surrogacy Agency," and "My Surrogacy Journey."

In addition to the surrogacy services, the new website can also provide surrogacy lawyers and law-based guidance to interested couples or donors.

"We want to give individuals the ability in the United States to create families without having to spend 80 to 120k," said Dennis. "We’re on a mission to level the playing field so everyone in my situation has a chance at a beautiful family. Through, users can cut out the middlemen that establish these inconceivable pricing structures and get right to the source. Spread the word on the opening of our new site, and head on over today to join our surrogacy community."

Dennis now has twin babies, Austin and Anastasia, who recently bypassed the 10-month old mark this September 4th. also provides video and chatting for members, plus member background checks if they want to provide that kind of verification. can be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

About is a full-service informational, communal, and resourceful platform that is curated specifically for surrogates, intended parents, surrogate agencies, egg donors, and sperm donors. The site works to provide all parties with information and the support they need to make official surrogacy decisions. Intended to cut out the middlemen in the surrogacy process, as well as help intended parents negotiate with various surrogacy agencies, connects parties directly; thereby removing the hundreds of thousands of dollars it costs couples to opt for a surrogate today.

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