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From: Samellos
Published: Wed Oct 25 2017

The name of my project is I'm Back ™. This is a digital back that transforms an analog camera into a digital one. It consists in a small camera that photographs the surface of a focusing screen and saves the photos in a micro SD. You can view the photos via Wi-Fi through a smartphone or IPad.  but - thanks to the fact that it's only screwed behind - you can still use the original functions of an old analog camera..

In the last 10 or 15 years, people have started a rush in search of pixels. To such a point that they were forgetting the photographic composition. I noticed a decay, a lack of creativity, and the matter of discussion was just how many mega pixels my machine has more than yours.

What really counts is the composition and the appearance of the photography. With the old cameras, people were more careful since they had little or no margin of error while taking picture on a film.

I meet some resistance from extremist photographers. I do not believe in the extreme, but in the middle. Honestly my idea of a product, was not made for conservative photographers (whether digital or analog), neither to "replace" the film or even to match the quality of the latest digital generation, I'm just trying to push the use of analog cameras by the general public. But there are people who talk either analog or digital. But what about the art of photography?

My project resumes machines that people did not want to dismiss for a variety of reasons, personal memories, or because it was their father's, so I thought I'd suggest a solution for them to take those relics out of the drawer again. I consider I'm Back a gadget and not to a high-tech product (although it has great technology, 16mpxl, micro SD, WIFI, HDMI).
I'm Back is something to be used for fun. The quality should not be compared to that of a digital camera or an analog camera.
I can compare it to those who like to take different pictures, like "Pinhole" or "Lomo".

For technical details you can visit my Kickstarter page where I illustrate how it works.

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