Aitheinhealing releases deadlines for various Ayurveda courses in India

Published: Sat Oct 28 2017

Aitheinhealing has released notification for admission to different Ayurveda courses in India. As per the set deadlines, interested candidates from any part of the world can apply for the courses commencing from 6th Nov. – 23rd Nov. 2017 and 5th Feb. – 22nd Feb. 2018.

Aitheinhealing is one of the leading Ayurveda learning institutions in India offering the full range of Ayurveda courses. From short-term to long-term, based on the feasibility and choice of candidates, one can join these courses. India has established the global reputation as one of the most attractive destinations for Ayurveda learning. This healthcare practice has been in existence since the pre-historic period, and it is still expanding at breakneck speed. It has captured the healthcare market of the western part of the world. The main reason for the popularity of it is its effectiveness.

Having discovered it as the best effective method of curing every illness in the body, most of the health-conscious people are shifting their attention to it. The best part of this medical treatment is it does not leave any side-effect at all. Ayurveda means the ‘science of life’, mainly consists of the treatment through body massages, usage of herbal products and yoga. It is all about the complete understanding of the whole body physically and spiritually.

The courses offered are not only intended to equip right skills in students but also to prepare them for establishing their careers in this healthcare industry. With the participation of many international companies and brands, the scope for aspiring candidates massively increased. After finishing the course, the candidates can willingly explore rich scopes prevalent in this healthcare sector. The scope of employment lies in an opening of one’s Ayurveda learning centre, finding suitable jobs in big corporate firms at different positions based on the experience, right skill sets and experiences as well.

The courses are also helpful for those who are already engaged in the industry professionally. Their level of expertise will get enhanced and honed up, and they can further look forward to promotion. Every year many researchers, scholars, writers join the courses to acquire in-depth understanding, stepping beyond their bookish knowledge.

Talking to Michael Subbotin, an aspiring candidate who here from Russia to study Ayurveda, he has all to say, "I know Ayurveda was originated in India and I believe there is no better place than to study it here from the experienced teachers." On further enquiring, he added, "I know the value of Ayurveda when it comes to healing oneself from all kinds of illness and what I find it most effective is it does not leave any side-effect’’. Like him, there are many kinds of candidates from around the world who have different objectives and purposes to study the course.

Now, Kerala is the most preferred destination when it comes to Ayurveda study in India. The state is known for some of the most reputable Ayurveda institution and Ayurvedic cultures in abundance.

Aitheinhealing is one of the quality Ayurveda learning institutions based in Goa. It offers different courses ranging from short-term courses to long terms ones.
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