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From: Arth Diagnostics
Published: Sat Oct 28 2017

It is the truth that what we hear, understand and feelhave impact on our thinking and behaviour. In today’s era of cinema, people of every age get affected and inspired by film characters and stories. For example, 20 years ago, wearing ripped or torn clothes was the sign of poverty but nowadays it is regarded as a fashion trend because people follow their ideals of cinema world. It is the fact that learning from cinemas is effortless, interesting and unforgettable.

Dr. Arvinder Singh, The president of Rotary Club Udaipur Mewar and CEO of Arth Diagnostics has signed contract with LXL Ideas to teach important life skills, values and attitude through cinema. The module is designed after deep analysis and research keeping in mind different perspectives of life. Children, young adults, parents and teachers would be highly beneficial by this module. It would add value to their life besides imparting education, enhancing concentration power and memory. Commercially the price for viewing this module is rupees 500 per head. However, Rotary Club Udaipur Mewar will organise grand complementary event on 14 November (Children’s Day) which would be attended by approximately 5000 students.
In this cinema module more than 120 films are available from L.K.G children to college students on various life skills such as self motivation, communication skills, self confidence, time management, stress management, etc. Many of these films got national awards and have been appreciated at international platforms.
Three most important people in student’s life are – parents, teachers and friends. To support this thought, the module also contains inspiring films for parents and teachers. This helps in overall development of student. Through the films parents and teachers can understand different needs of child in better manner and they can make healthy relation with child. They can also understand the problems their child is facing in a particular age and can help him or her to get rid out of it.
The scenes, dialogues and characters which we see in movies create an impression in our mind. We all remember the dialogue from super hit film Three Idiots " Sucess ke Piche Mat Bhago, Kabil Bano Kabil, Kaamyabi to Jarur Milegi". The module follows the same concept and teaches important life skills in an interesting and entertaining way so that we cannot forget them. To increase creativity and communication skills in students, group discussion, worksheets and various activities are also included in this module.
Nowadays film-makes are following same concept and making motivational films to create awareness and educate people. Some super hit motivational films are "Tare Zameen Par", "Marry Kom", "English-Vinglish", "Chak De India", etc. have affected and changed thinking and behaviour of people. Through these films motivational message was given to public.
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