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From: Xupo
Published: Sat Oct 28 2017

Startup to help locate your keys and valuables with an app; hires MD of Acer
British tech start up Xupo is bringing on board Acer’s former Managing Director BobbyWatkins
to build the global market of Trackables with Xupo® signing on a partnership with one of the
industry’s largest distributors Ingram micro. Centered around the innovative wireless technology
solutions, Xupo has big plans on making everyday life easier with a series of products to track
every valuable that you may possess such as keys, phones and even the travel ID/ wallet.
Mr. Watkins, who has led Acer to one of the top spots in consumer laptops sector in the UK, is
collaborating and putting forth his ideas and business ethics to make Xupo the best known asset
locator globally. He has joined hands with Xupo for its business development and forecasts rapid
growth in market share, licensing and global distribution. CEO Raj Sark has quoted "Mr
Watkins’s expertise and network are already opening new channels taking Xupo on an
exponential growth trajectory" while co-founder and COO, Vincenz Klemt describes the move
as "favorable in the light of the company’s strategic alignment".
In October, Connect-In announced a deal with leading electronics distributor, Ingram Micro
(fortune 500, annual revenues ca. $45 billion), over an undisclosed volume of Xupo devices.
Being the world’s largest technology distributor, Connect-In has played a major role in boosting
deserving products into the marketplace. Tesco direct, eBuyer and Box being the major IT
resellers are currently stocking Xupo for a wide UK market reach developing Xupo community.
This asset locator provides a multi platform functionality from Mac to Android and is a user
friendly device. It has set its target market on all age groups to remove complexities that arise in
everyday life as a result of misplacing or losing the most handy objects that one uses on a daily
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