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Intern Gateway opened the doors of opportunity by providing internship placements to all the parties involved including college students, host companies and university partners. At intern Gateway, college students and graduates find tons of internship opportunities to achieve their career goals. Most importantly, we prepare students to get hired in an extremely challenging employment market and help students succeed at these internships.

[ClickPress, Sat Oct 28 2017] Intern Gateway provides local and international students opportunity to meet their career goals through bespoke internship programs. Students succeed in their career goals and get results by gaining industry placements that help in transforming their academic knowledge into useful and practical experience. We have an extensive network available that facilitates an internship placement.
Internships are an essential part of the career ladder and can serve as a powerful first step in building success in the workplace. These first steps have often been blocked by lack of direct connections with employers or lack of knowledge by students on how to find right company or how to represent themselves in an interview. In the era of cut-throat competition, some students confused in choosing a right program for creating a successful career.
Intern Gateway is an impactful agency in Australia for students looking to gain experience with an internship and for companies to connect with quality interns. We believe that when students are busy in achieving the best outcomes from our professional placements programs. We facilitate and nurture results from beginning to end, using our strong mentor system and coaching tools.
At the intern gateway, internships are an unpaid and temporary workplace that provides real work experiences to the interns in a niche industry. With the main objective of learning, students gain a real professional world experience helps them in increasing their knowledge in their chosen field and develop a valuable understanding of the Australian professional industry.
Usually, our internships placement duration is an 8-12 week with an Australian company. Your host company placement will focus your area of study, career goals, prior experience, location and training needs to ensure you get the best possible match with best outcomes.
Intern Gateway consultant provides you support during the internship and evaluation process. An internship is constantly assessed against the internship training agreement that is between the host and the intern.

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