A Few Perfect Reasons For Purchasing An Audi Q5

From: Audi North Park
Published: Mon Oct 30 2017

Though all Audis have an unmatched appeal for new buyers, but Audi Q5 comes with some extra perks and features. This might seem like a normal statement but Quattro has really gone ultra that can easily impress anyone who wishes to rule the roads. Here are some noted reasons why you need to take a look at this awesome car:

1. Quattro Means Magnificence: The AWD system offered in the Q5 is embedded with an electro-mechanical clutch that is situated close to gearbox and a dog clutch located at the rear differential. It disengages the rear drive shafts complete and brings down the frictional losses to nil. The centre differential is completely absent which pulls up the efficiency of quattro based cars to a completely new level.

2. Amazing Air Suspension: Steel springs are absolutely fine however air suspensions are much more cooler. The Q5 sits proudly on steelies along with minimal amount of tunability through drive select module, but you cannot change the ride height. It is one compromise you will have to make. The air suspension is an expensive option but plays fairly by giving 60mm play to the springs. The setting at lowest level will be best for twisted roads and some high speed cruising, the highest setting will get you through rocks with restricted speed clearance.

3. Next, the maker has braced with powerful power mills. The petrol version works on a four-cylinder configuration that reduces the lag completely. The diesel versions are powered by 282bhp V6 diesel engines.

4. There are least countable reasons as to why people end up with hot cars that have high running costs. But they may get tired of it's loud exhaust sound easily, it might be good as a weekend toy but not very useful for every day. Q5 can definitely be a good option in that case.

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