“Essential Things For Hurricane Season with Shipping Containers”- A Report by E&S Equipment Sales In

From: E&S Equipment Sales & Surveying
Published: Mon Oct 30 2017

Hurricane Season is here and we have seen the devastation and destruction Hurricanes Irma and Harvey left on so many people. Some were left without homes, loved ones, and properties. Being prepared in this type of natural disaster is very crucial if you want your family and home to be safe. E & S Equipment Sales Inc., a consistent leader and prominent company in the shipping cargo business has been serving many businesses and households in making sure that their loved ones and personal belongings, especially during these perilous times, are safe and secured through the use of shipping containers.

1) Emergency Kits – A first aid emergency kit is very essential as are basic supplies including non-perishable foods that can last for a week, clean drinking water, medications, flashlights, clean clothes, and a battery operated radio.

2) Shelter and secure your family, pets, and belongings – You can rent or buy a shipping container where you can stay during the hurricane season and make it your temporary home and a shelter for your belongings. Because of the heavy rains and winds, a hurricane can uproot and sweep up anything that’s its path , even downing power lines. Your family and pets can be safely inside the container, as you don’t know what might hit you during the storm.

3) Make it your evacuation center – Shipping containers are made of Corten steel that is designed as robust, resilient and modular. They can be stacked one on top of the other, so they are perfect as an evacuation center for several families.

4) Secure your Financial Documents-- Another essential to be protected during a hurricane is your financial documents. You can place them in a flash drive, safety deposit box, or you can just store them inside the container. Always keep them with you for safe keeping and easy access.

5) Transportable – with the help of professional truck drivers, your entire family along with your belongings inside the shipping container can be transported to another state not affected by the storm.

E & S Equipment Sales, Inc. owner Michael Bader once stated, "We create relationships with our clients and help them with their lives through our premium quality shipping containers". With over three decades in the cargo business, E & S has gained its popularity and dominance through sheer hard work and dedication, not to mention excellent customer service.

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