GiveMeTap Launches Exciting Campaign to Bring Customers to Water Projects in Ghana

From: GiveMeTap
Published: Mon Oct 30 2017

In an exciting and inspiring move that brings together the company, its customers, and the Ghanaian people, GiveMeTap launched the campaign "The Giving Journey" in several countries. The sweepstakes will select three customers to join the GiveMeTap team on a once in a lifetime experience as they bring clean water to rural communities in Ghana.

GiveMeTap customers will be automatically entered for a chance to win a trip to Ghana when they make a purchase between now and December 31st. Customers can also earn additional entries for every friend who makes a purchase through them. The Giving Journey campaign is open to customers ages 18 and up.

"After our visit to the water projects last year, we released the documentary ‘Journey of the Bottle’ as we wanted to help people connect and see the impact. But there is nothing quite like actually being there on the ground in person. And I’ve always wanted our customers to come with us and see the difference they make." said founder Edwin Broni-Mensah (also known as "The Water Guy"). "Seeing the joy, the gratitude, and the impact you cause just from buying something so small, like a water bottle is a life-changing experience."

"For me, this trip is more than seeing the impacts, it’s about connecting with others and feeling our shared humanity. We want to empower another generation of changemakers. In the next three months, our community will sell enough bottles to give clean drinking water to 3,000 people. Then, three GiveMeTap customers will travel with us as we bring access to clean water to different communities. It’ll be unforgettable" Edwin continues. During the trip, the crew will visit the communities where the projects are being installed and GiveMeTap’s Water Partner in the field to learn about the impact of clean water on Ghanaian communities.

The company’s intention is to provide its customers with the unique experience to see first-hand the positive impact they have on other people. It’ll be an opportunity to learn and reflect about how their daily habits can change people’s lives and the planet. All while immersed in a vibrant culture and being surrounded by like-minded people and the passionate GiveMeTap team. "Everyone that comes on this journey will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Seeing the joy and impact that clean water brings to people’s lives changes you. Changes your perspective on life, work, relationship, community. It really changes you." Edwins adds.

About GiveMeTap

In 2010, the dream of getting a six-pack was all Edwin could think about. As his water consumption began to increase, so did his difficulty in finding free tap water on the go. Constant rejection from local cafes and stories of his Ghanaian father growing up with no access to clean water set Edwin on a mission. A six-month challenge transformed into an epic journey to solve the global water crisis. Each GiveMeTap bottle gives 5 years of clean water to a person in Africa. To date, over 23,000 people have access to clean water because of GiveMeTap.
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