China’s pain is India’s gain: Steel-360 evaluates

From: Steel 360 Magazine
Published: Tue Oct 31 2017

As China’s overseas steel sales decline with each passing month, a number of countries from across the globe prepare themselves to fill this void being created by the Oriental steel giant. India which is soon to replace Japan as the world’s second largest steel producer is one of the strongest contenders to emerge as a dominant force among global steel exporters.
In the November edition of Steel-360 we take a look at the rapidly changing scenario in the world of steel as production dynamics shift and countries grow more self-sufficient. We shed light on production trends, policy changes and developments that are likely to shape global steel trade in times to come. In an in-depth evaluation we analyse whether India has what it would take to increase production and fulfill supply. We further track the latest updates on much hyped Tata Steel-BRPL acquisition deal which failed to be ratified. Also elaborating on several other major issues from the steel and it ancillary industries.
With the Indian government setting for itself an ambitious target for increasing domestic steel production capacity to 300 mnt by 2030, the country is hoping to expand its export market significantly to support the vast steel production. Global steel market observers have been watching recent developments in Indian steel industry very keenly owing to the demand-supply gap being created by China’s declining production. It is this decline that had raised steel prices significantly over the last six months and created room for other steel suppliers to battle to fill the gap thus created. India’s has risen in the list of largest steel producers in the world rapidly over the last six to seven years. The country has recorded growth of more than 20% in the last five years and is further preparing to boost steel production in the next three years.
India however is not the only country looking to boost its revenue generation through steel exports. In our analysis we take a look at possible challenges that India may face enroute to becoming a significant steel exporter.
We also cover the issue of Odisha’s rapidly increasing Iron Ore export to China. Odisha, buoyed by strong demand may well emerge as the largest iron ore producer in 2017. We also take a pragmatic look at Tata Steel capacity expansion plans as the company strives forward to make its foot print in the domestic steel industry stronger in days to come. Government of India’s recent move to impose definitive anti dumping duty on colour coated steel products from China and Europe, also finds a detailed mention in Steel-360’s November issue.
Steel-360 which has been one the most defining publications in the Iron and Steel space over the last several years offers a panoramic view of the Steel industry for market participants. The monthly magazine with its industry specific columns and special sections on tenders, demand supply trends, logistics, stock markets, etc is a must read for steel producers, traders, analysts and all other trade participants. Catch the latest developments in steel technology in our Steel innovation section along with a lot more from the world of steel this November.
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