LAWRENCE FINANCIAL PLANNING LAUNCHES Financial Planning for Young Professionals A Financial Mini-Pl

From: Lawrence Financial Planning LLC
Published: Tue Oct 31 2017

The mini-plan will include:
• Choosing the right employer benefits
• How to pick investments in your 401k/403b/retirement plan
• Budgeting and Cash Flow
• Debt Repayment Strategies

The Financial Planning for Young Professionals program enables our advisors to introduce the benefits of financial planning. We help our clients structure their finances to pay off debts, maximize their employee benefits, and learn to save.

Lawrence Financial Planning starts with young people who don’t have much; but who want to be debt free, create some savings, and know more about their finances.

About Lawrence Financial Planning: Lawrence Financial Planning is a Florida-based fee-only financial planning services company providing financial services to individuals. We also work virtually with clients outside the state of Florida.

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