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From: Cognac 1719
Published: Fri Nov 03 2017

WILD breaks the mould – changing how we think about brandy and Cognac
Two French cousins who share six generations of family heritage in Cognac production under the name ‘House 1719’, have joined forces to inject a very fresh and entrepreneurial slant into the historical family business. They aim to revolutionise the traditional perception of Cognac and brandy in general with the introduction of WILD, an organic eau de vie, which is a refreshingly unique, edgy and un-aged white spirit.

It is both ‘off the beaten track’ and terribly ‘in’. Despite being firmly rooted in decades of Cognac craftsmanship, it enjoys the versatility, playfulness and lightness of touch of gin and vodka. And promises to attract a trendier, cooler, more adventurous consumer. WILD is born from the idea that Cognac is all too often associated with suited and booted cigar puffing men who sip elegantly on ornate crystal tumblers and debate the ins and outs of business and politics. Removing the age element from both the drinkers and the drink itself, WILD becomes something very different, untamed, elevated and fresh.

WILD will be the only organic grape-based eau de vie in the UK market. Clear in colour but bold in zesty flavour, it is an exciting alternative to gin and vodka, aimed at open-minded and free-spirited millennials.

Support the Ulule crowdfunding campaign
In much the same way that the spirit was created accidentally by explorers on board a sailboat in the 16th century, WILD is calling out to today’s young adventurers to get on board the month-long Ulule campaign to help create something equally special. The target is to raise £4,500 (€5,000) which will go towards buying extra distillation tools for large scale production. Contributions will be well rewarded, with even the chance to make your own WILD eau de vie on the estate in France.

Recommended serves
Enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed into cocktails, WILD’s four recommended serves are:
• Citrus Mountain: 40ml WILD, 20ml fresh lemon Juice, 10ml sugar syrup, and finish with 10ml sparkling water. Serve in a short glass with 3 blocks of ice and a slice of lemon
• Free Spirit: 20ml WILD, 20ml XO Cognac, 20ml Triple Sec, 10ml fresh orange juice and an egg white froth. Serve in a tall Martini glass
• Pink Rodeo: 40ml WILD, 10ml fresh lemon juice, 10ml fresh orange juice, 10ml sugar syrup, 45ml cranberry juice. Serve in a red wine goblet with a handful of ice and a thin short straw

• WILD & Tonic: 40ml WILD, tonic water. Serve in a highball glass with a handful of ice and a slice of lemon

The brand and the bottle design add an extra bit of magic to the story, with every fine detail created bespoke by renowned 1924 American designer, Christian Watson.

The two cousins, Anael Boulay and Antoine Rivet, grew up with an innate love for Cognac. They can recall their earliest memories with their families hearing and talking about it. It is in their make-up and they are excited to bring their own modern breed of the famous drink to the UK.

About House 1719
House 1719 is located in the heart of the Grande Champagne region¸ the area that produces the finest eau de vie. The name of the family business brand - 1719 - goes back to the original construction of the family house by Pierre Philippe Joubert. The family has been producing Cognac for six generations. Currently, it is under the management of Jean Philippe Boulay.

The commitment to quality is paramount. There is no compromise. Every 1719 Cognac is made with the best grapes grown in Grande Champagne. Cognacs are not blended with different ages or with different estates. The family’s Cognacs and Pineau des Charentes are produced using traditional methods of wine making, distillation and ageing and have been awarded at some the world’s most prestigious spirits and wine competitions, such as the International Wine Challenge, International Spirits Challenge and Concours du Salon de l’Agriculture.

About the founders – the French cousins
Anael Boulay
Anael’s is Jean-Philippe Boulay’s son, 1719’s original owner and maître de chai. Anael grew up on the very grounds where 1719 Cognac is made. In the same very house – in Touzac. He now shares his time between Touzac and Paris, as a successful fashion and events photographer. His projects take him all around France and to many far flung places.

Antoine Rivet
Anael’s first cousin. Antoine grew up with the family history and the inherited passion for Cognac. Studied marketing at a leading business school in France and he has lived in several countries, including China, Singapore and the UK, working on some of the world’s most famous luxury brands. He is currently based in London.

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