Once I Was Blind But Now I See

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Published: Mon Nov 06 2017

Once I Was Blind, But Now I See is a book written for all Christians, to give testimony to God's ever-present hand in our lives. For those who are outside the Christian faith, outside the Church, or simply feeling distant and questioning if God is really here, I believe this book will transform their lives. The book draws its readers into the same desire for communion with God and the Church, which Charles Piccirilli has personally experienced. There is a great need for this type of personal testimony today, addressing the lack of hope in our culture, to which John Paul II said, "…to show the faithful souls the unspeakable riches of the love of Christ."

Charles Piccirilli also served the Lord in numerous ministries. One named Straight Forward, lasted for over nine years that brought together young adults to openly discuss their objections to the Church and other social issues such as abortion, drug addiction, promiscuity, morals and many other social challenges to the society in which they are living. Charles has helped several couples understand what to do as parents of difficult children and discover the beauty of what love truly is, found in a relationship with God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Charles has worked as president of a Parish Counsel President, School Board Member, and Board member of the Catholic Men’s Fellowship, plus various encounter groups seeking the truth about life.

Readers of Charles’ book have expressed great encouragement for their faith and enthusiasm for the book’s distribution and have set up an external website www.spiritusanctopress.com to raise greater awareness to the fact that Jesus is alive and with us every moment of our lives.
Following are just some of the reviews written by readers of remarkable story:
This holy man is a spiritual giant! Some twenty years ago, God sent Charles to me to principally transform an unholy man into a holy man of God. His book is a must read for everyone who ever gave even just a thought to the power of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I've lived some of Charles stories, and have experienced similar ones myself --- as I am sure you have too --- if you think and pray about it! Buy his powerful book! Expect to be changed for the better forever, by our Lord's awesome love, mercy, and miracles. May God bless my Charles, abundantly?
Tom Wiegand

Charles shares his often funny, upbringing, with an overwhelming Italian mother. He shares his dabbling with the occult, which follows him in the background of his life through many years. He tells of the first time he heard God speak to him and when he first met his wife, and the comical and tragic stories of their first years of marriage. Then the reader is mesmerized by the wild ride God takes Charles on, as he re-introduces him to Christianity through the Charismatic movement and eventually the Catholic Church!

Laugh, cry, and pick your jaw up off the ground in disbelief as the goose bumps run up and down your arms. I hope you read and are truly changed by this book, but most of all I hope that through it you also learn to see God’s love in all circumstances.

Kimberly Cook

Compelling, riveting books are rare these days. Most of the time, when I review books, I am reading content written by very good writers who are able to articulate their premises thoroughly. They introduce new concepts to the reader quite well, and they elaborate with thoughtful reflections and relevant anecdotes.

But do they grip my heart? Sometimes. Do they change my life dramatically? Rarely.

In Charles Piccirilli's memoir, "Once I Was Blind But Now I See", I was captivated from the beginning. You see, the world is in a state of tumult, confusion, and despair. The world continues to tell us that seeking pleasure, power, and prestige are the antidotes to such darkness. But Piccirilli reminds us that it is God who liberates. It is God alone who frees us from the darkness of sin. Piccirilli is honest about his journey from the slavery of various sins, including addiction and the occult, to authentic life in Christ. The power of the Holy Spirit is evident as he describes very ordinary situations that God clearly inserted His voice into. How refreshing to be reminded that God loves us each individually, that He died for me! Piccirilli demonstrates that truth in his story, which is woven with brokenness turned into wholeness.

Amazon Customer

Charles Piccirilli is a resident of Bel Air, MD for 15 years and is well known in the community. He is 74 years old and has 3 sons and 12 grandchildren. He and his wife Mary have been married for 51 years and are members of St. Margaret and St. Ignatius Catholic Parishes. His book is now being sold on www.amazon.com and on his website www.spiritusanctopress.com

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