Alcidae Inc Introduces Garage Door Visual Controller as Entry Point into Smart Home Segment

From: Alcidae Inc
Published: Thu Nov 09 2017

The smart home category has a market value estimation of $14.6 billion in the year 2017 according to Statista. Home automation and security products represent 50% of the overall market. That consumer demand has guided smart home solution provider Alcidae to allocate most of its research and development resources into developing security related smart home products such as garage door controllers, Wi-Fi cameras and video doorbells. Alcidae’s goal is to develop solutions to better serve the public needs. Garager is the first of many to come.

"The Garager is a visual controller for garage openers that allow users to live monitor the garage, open and close garage door remotely and receive real time notifications whenever sound or motion is detected." said William Chen, the VP of Emerging Technologies of Alcidae Inc. The product concept emerged when one of our team members got his house broken-in through the garage door access while he was on a long vacation. Since the garage door was his main home entrance, he wondered "Why isn't there a way to ensure the safety of my house through monitoring and remote accessing the garage?"

Since then the team put in countless hours of hard work to develop something that is nowhere seen before in the marketplace. "We would love to share this precious piece of work with our you!" said William. Some of Garager’s premium features include:

Feel Always Protected with Live Monitoring and Remote Control
With live video streaming capability, simply enjoy the satisfaction of constantly knowing whats going on in your garage, total transparency! Moreover, since Garager is connected with your garage door opener, you could easily remote control it through the Garager App.

Never Miss Anything with Cloud Storage and Video Playback
With a minimal monthly subscription fee, all your video footage will be securely stored by Alcidae. View playbacks of videos up to 7 days.

Stay Alert 24/7 with Real Time Detection and Notification
Garager has the ability to detect unexpected sound or motion. With the sensitivity level set, you could track motions as small as items dropping from shelves to as big as intruders entering the garage. Receive real time notification through the App allowing you to stay alert 24/7.

Alcidae Inc is a SF based startup initiated in the year 2016 by a group of youngsters. It focuses primary on smart home product manufacturing and ecosystem design with plans to launch two more Wi-Fi cameras, one more doorbell in the coming year and a thermostat in the year 2019.
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