Global Premium Lifestyle Completes 20 Years of Excellence This November

From: Global Gadgets Premium Pvt Ltd
Published: Thu Nov 16 2017

On this occasion, we got a chance to speak with the Managing Director, Mr. Gurvinder Singh. In a short interview, he said "It has indeed been challenging and a fruitful business venture for me personally. Over the years I have learned a lot about life because of the ups and downs I have faced, but altogether it has been an enlightening experience for me. What started as a rookie business effort now has become one of the most famous and loved brand in premium lifestyle gadget sector."

Adding to it was a senior official, he said "When we started operations in Delhi, there were a handful of clients, but now our customer base has increased manifolds. This has been made possible because of the tireless efforts of our dedicated employees. As Global Gadgets deals with HNI’s and influential people, the team plays a very big role. We have been very fortunate to have such a wonderful team. Today the business environment has changed, and we too have made sure to evolve accordingly. This can been seen in our approach. Now we have online stores for people across the country, who want to buy premium lifestyle gadgets from the comfort of their homes. We even have a sound after sales service that can provide technical support if you wish to avail these. Most importantly, our top level management has been instrumental in evolving according to the dynamic business environment that has made Global Gadgets a success story."
We payed a visit to the store recently and were left spellbound. They sure have something for everyone and most importantly they have the most intriguing premium lifestyle gadgets in Delhi.

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Global Gadgets is a unique premium lifestyle gadgets store located in Khan Market, New Delhi. There products match the ever increasing demand of their influential clientele.
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