Increased Workout Benefits with Elliptical Cross Training Arms

From: Michele Wilkins
Published: Tue Nov 21 2017

Our hectic lifestyle leaves us little time for a workout, and we try to make effective use of the available time. A great way to enhance your workout considerably is buying an inclined ramp on your treadmill or elliptical machine with cross-training handlebars from Charleston Fitness Equipment, the South Carolina's Premier Retailer of Life Fitness, Octane, Precor, Matrix and many more.

The elliptical trainer is widely used to the possibility of offering complete cross-training experience to the user. The reason for its popularity is due to the possibility of smooth exercise the user experience, as it is gentle on the joints that make it easy to use. The presence of moveable handlebars, also known as cross-training arms gives a boost to the workout that is not to be found on such equipment like stationary cycles, treadmills, and stair climbers. A good number of muscles are used when one works out on a total body elliptical trainer, including deltoids, triceps, biceps, pectorals, laterals, calves, hamstrings, quads along with the core area.

Working out with cross training arms for the upper body muscles is certainly worth the effort because your entire body is being worked out and not just the lower body. The benefits include only tones arms, chest, and shoulders, but it is possible to improve the heart rate quickly by doing arm movement. The elevation of heart rate means your cardiovascular workout is giving results, and you will be able to burn out your fat quickly.

The only downside is that when the movable handlebars are used, you could opt for a lighter resistance if there is quickly tiring out of the arms. Make sure to increase the resistance to work out to the maximum capacity by an increase of a minimum of 10% every couple of weeks. It must, however, be noted that with an increase in exercise, the body adapts accordingly, and regrettably, the benefits available decrease. A great way to challenge the body is to use the incline ramp that is there on a treadmill, especially if the machine is being used by you for some time.

A lot of studies have been conducted on a treadmill, which happens to be common workout equipment in most homes and gyms to find out the effect of using treadmill incline ramp. The studies have found out that the use of incline provides a workout for the different muscles while increasing the cardio weight. The studies found that gradual increase of the incline help in the effective warm-up of all the muscles.

The type of incline and the percentage will impact the joints while affecting the workout. An individual with knee issues would find that working out with a steep incline has an effect on the knees as more pressure is put on them. To do a workout, workout in a safe manner, and stop doing work out on the equipment as soon as you feel uncomfortable using it. The use of incline makes you feel like you are climbing up a hill. Undoubtedly, an athlete who will be running in hilly areas would find hill climbing motion an excellent training method, when there are no hills nearby for training. There is no need for a very steep incline to get the benefits. The individual doing work out on a treadmill would find a little decrease in the use of energy because the person working out on the treadmill would find a slight propelling action as there is no need to contend with the wind.

To make the energy spent when using a treadmill on par with running outdoors, the incline needs to be raised slightly by 1% and you can be expending calories similar to what you will be spending while working or running outdoors. So make sure to use the inclined ramp of the treadmill or the cross training arms of the elliptical trainer bought from Charleston Fitness Equipment Store, the next time you hit the gym or do a workout on your home gym.

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