Hashbrown Systems launches The Purchase Manager App for Seamless Order Consolidation & Purchase Proc

From: Hashbrown Systems
Published: Tue Nov 21 2017

The Purchase Manager disentangles a peculiar business problem faced by retailers, grocery shops, bakeries and other family run, locally owned businesses. A local retail business deals with their personal network of dealers, suppliers and distributors – and they create, edit, send and repeat multiple orders continuously.

In a real-world scenario, a grocery shop stocking over a thousand items would essentially be dealing with over fifty suppliers. The order cycle will mostly be unsynchronized as there is no telling when a particular item would be out of stock or most likely to be out of stock, and the distributor should get the purchase order in time to be able to fulfill the demand.

This creates a war of attrition on the supply chain between the distributor and the dealer. More often than not, a retailer would order more and waste or order less and disappoint his regular customers.

The Purchase Manager is a simple, yet intuitive, application that keeps the order flow smooth and efficient by way of order consolidation and supplier management. The application also employs latest and greatest in Business Intelligence in the form of predictive analysis and recommendations based on user behavior.

It is built upon the ‘Boron’ platform that runs sales and distribution channel for various brands by creating custom enterprise applications.

This app enables retailers to easily add, edit, update and manage purchase orders right from their mobile phones. Adding icing on the cake, retailers can share their purchase orders with their suppliers directly using online messengers, email or text. It not only streamlines the ordering process but also makes it very quick.

"The Purchase Manager is, in fact, a result of the interactions that we had with various players in FMCG sector and we felt that such solution can benefit a lot of related and similar sector.", Marketing Official- Hashbrown Systems said.

It is available for download on iOS and Android store and is competitively priced at 99$ and 9$ per year after the first year for back-ups and online management portal access. More features would be added later on as per users’ feedback and suggestions. Check the app here- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.hashbrown.boron&hl=en

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