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From: 24seven GmbH
Published: Tue Nov 21 2017

24seven Services GmbH is a team with many years of real estate experience, insurance and household services. During this time, the company has been able to gain detailed insights into the challenges of living. Often it is difficult to find the right insurance, choose suitable providers and above all to provide the high amount of money, which people need for a new apartment. 24seven Services GmbH helps its clients to enjoy living instead of spending time on finding different services by different companies.

24seven Services GmbH stands for tailor-made solutions. It offers excellent service and sustainable support, as well as the best possible maintenance in all areas. Together with the partners was created a platform, which makes the process of living as quick and easy as it should be. 24seven Services GmbH works with the best companies in each range, so the customers can get excellent service. The idea behind was to create a platform, which combines a great variety of services, which people need for their everyday life or for the special occasions. The company presents the following categories: insurance, electricity, renting the cars, household services, internet and telephone, help with moving out and moving in, maintenance, travel offers and so on.

Over and above, the team of 24seven Services GmbH is dynamic and with high level of experience, which help to operate the business at the high professional level. The team of the company is very active, which means that the customers get the assistance within a short period of time. According to the needs of the customers, the new partners with new services come on board. In a short period of time the company has gained a great reputation, it develops its services and do all the best for its customers.

To learn more about the services, insurances, or to order the required facility, contact the company at +49(0)3020837719 or email, info@24seven.com.de, or visit the website at www.24seven.com.de.
Company: 24seven GmbH
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Contact Email: aponomareva@24seven.com.de
Contact Phone: +493020837719

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