From its historic emergence to the current OBOR controversy, Avijeet Bhattacharya retraces the legen

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Published: Thu Nov 23 2017

With the Silk Road serving as its backdrop, Avijeet Bhattacharya’s ‘Journeys on the Silk Road Through Ages—Romance, Legend, Reality’ is a compelling nonfiction that educates as well as enlightens its readers about the times that have now receded into the pages of history, journeying right up to the contemporary political occurrences. The legendary Silk Road, down the ages, has witnessed historic travels and has itself played a grand role in the shaping and reshaping of the history of Asia.

The book takes us back to the nearly forgotten times when the dusty, long road was discovered by herders and nomads in search of pastures and oases. It was a long trek into the unknown. This gradually shaped into the fabled ‘Silk Road’ spanning from China and across Central Asia, with its numerous trade routes, staging posts, caravanserais on the one hand, and the rugged landscape through steppes, across mountains, deserts and nations on the other. This book captures in a picturesque manner, the glory of the Silk Road that stood out through ages like a great artery.

Today, the Silk Road is witness to ChinaÂ’s ambitious One Belt, One Road (OBOR) project that aims at gaining China a larger position in global affairs. Keeping the Silk Road as the linking thread, the author has brilliantly described and discussed several contemporary political issues, from the BRI-OBOR controversy to the Economic Corridor and Malacca Dilemma leading up to the Project Mausam initiated by India. Several questions have been answered and a number of mysteries elaborated.

The book is an adventurous amalgamation of history, travel and the unanticipated, and not merely a clichéd travel account. It presents a fascinating story of realms, rulers, travellers and merchants, both ancient and modern, with captivating collection of anecdotes, lores and current realities, from far and wide. The book is a brilliant labyrinth that is all set to etch its name in the fascinating world of historical travelogues.
Avijeet Bhattacharya is a veteran traveller and has deep appreciation of history and geography. With his travel experiences and extensive reading and research, he has turned into an ‘explorer’ who enjoys locating and rediscovering places in the fabric of time. He thus became a chronicler of absorbing tales. His first book ‘Wander Years—A Roving Memoir’ was received with great enthusiasm by discerning readers and travel critics for its immense readability as a gripping tale of travels spanning over more than twenty years, as well as for its graphic attention to every detail.
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