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Published: Tue Dec 12 2017

Pyrotech workspace creates attractive, ergonomic control room consoles and technical furniture that works with your operators to improve efficiency and increase productivity. We offer stock, customized and custom control room consoles for a wide range of applications. Whether you are building a state-of-the-art command center from the ground up or simply need to upgrade your technology, we can create the ideal technical furniture solution.
We provide top rated quality Custom control room consoles, Command Centre Furniture and Engineering Desk at the best budget price in India. Get long lasting Command Center Furniture to increase efficiency and productivity.
Pyrotech workspace provides up with 24/7 emergency operating center (EOC).
A company’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) serves as the coordination hub for an incident response. This facility, although identified by many names (command center, command post, war room, etc.), provides a central intelligence arena for decision makers and response team personnel to gather critical information, coordinate response activities, and manage personnel as the emergency situation dictates. A safe location equipped with effective e technology allows for communication with staff and response teams. The EOC, whether a simple conference room or extravagant missions control facility, should be capable of serving as the central coordination point for:
• All emergency operations
• Information gathering and dissemination
• Coordination with local governments, outside contractors, mutual aid and volunteer organizations

Improving Control Room Operator Productivity
Procuring the right control room consoles can have a huge impact on operator happiness and effectiveness on the job.
When we feel comfortable at work, productivity tends to increase. Environmental factors like hours, job satisfaction, and even lighting can affect our mood at work. In a modern world packed with keyboards, monitors, and hours spent in the same place, physical comfort and the ability to relax at one's desk can have a profound effect on how employees feel about their jobs. If your employees are in a security room or sitting at control room consoles every day, you can change how they feel about the workday by improving their workspace setup. Pyrotech workspace provides some ways to do it.
Pyrotech Workspace has been an industry leader in control room console design and manufacturing for over various years. The operator console has been designed and engineered for the control room operations. Our designers tailor each console to your needs by customizing innovative solutions.
A Control Room Console is one of the most essential elements of control room Architecture. It is the support system for controlling and monitoring various task critical operations within a defined territory. The control room designer designs Command Centre Furniture, Console for control rooms, Engineering Desk such that its operation function, feasibility is adaptable and is a task specific factor. The placing of consoles within a control room is such that, the operators could interact with each other without any hindrances in communication during emergency situations, which demands for a dedicated and distraction free monitoring environment.

In search for the best Control Room Architecture, then contact Pyrotech Workspace as we have the best team of Control Room Designers to build in accordance with the client’s adaptability and its operational functions. Call us at 0294-2650160/560 to get the professional services for your Control Room Architecture.

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