Talismatic launches AI-powered Candidate Search Feature

From: Talismatic
Published: Tue Dec 19 2017

Anyone tuned into the latest recruiting analytics trends knows that matching skills to jobs is no new feat. With a leading recruitment player recently having announced the launch of their insights next year, Talismatic looks to stand apart from the din using its advanced analytical capabilities. The "Candidate-spotter" feature matches jobs titles to candidates and their skills - thus producing a more enriched talent pool filled with inter-industry candidates who might generally slip past the usual purview of recruiters. Companies that scout for cross-functional talent are set to benefit the most from these analytics since it filters hundreds of niche talent results within a matter of seconds.

Candidate-spotter sits alongside other impressive features like Talent Heat Maps and free-flowing Competitive Intelligence – a feature that is exclusive to Talismatic. Its user-friendly interface allows hiring experts to view comparative results on a single screen, as opposed to the long, complicated downloadable formats that dominate the analytical tools market. Having dynamic, real-time updates on the industry delivers much-needed data to recruiting strategists who can track fluctuations and make informed decisions.

The path to better employee retention
One of the other focus areas of Talismatic’s new release is to not just improve recruitment, but also retention of employees. When asked about how they’re looking to achieve this, the product manager, Lovekshitij Suryavanshi divulged that "We believe that if candidates with the right skills are placed in environments that nourish their capabilities, they are more likely to have a rewarding employment experience. Using our skill-match technology, we’re now able to bring all possibilities of right candidates to recruiters."

The product is hoping to see major traction within recruiting circles and staffing agencies. With unique features that work in tandem with its advanced technology, Talismatic brings a fresh new perspective on how analytics is slowly revolutionizing the way recruiters approach talent acquisition.
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