Children's Picture Book "Faceless Beauty" Shares a Message of Worth and Value

From: Halo Publishing International
Published: Sun Dec 24 2017

If you have ever questioned your worth or wondered what made you unique, Alexandra Coutrier’s new children’s book has the message you need to hear. We all need to know that we are special and have value but often, especially when we are young, we don’t have anyone to tell us. This book is for all children who want to know just how special they are and what a difference they will make to the world someday.

"I see children everyday who just don’t know how special they are and that is what prompted me to write this book," said first time author Alexandra Coutrier. "Children need to be told that they are beautiful, inside and out, and this is a story to help parents and caregivers remind their children of that positive message of love and encouragement."

The main character in Faceless Beauty is a little girl who lives in the woods, insecure and unsure of her worth until one day a light shines down on her with a positive message. She is told that she is a child of God. She was made to be a light, with great purpose and value and should share her beauty with the world.

"In Matthew 5:15, we learn that the light must not be hidden but should shine for the world to benefit from," said Coutrier. "My hope is that this book will help children understand that they are unique and should explore their inner strength to find that light and let it shine for the world to see."

The book has been written to allow parents to insert their own child’s name so that the message can be personalized. It is a unique opportunity to reinforce this positive message of love and encouragement with each child so that they might believe in their own value.

"My hope is that children will come to understand that they are beautiful as they are today," said Coutrier. "Be grateful for what you have today, be grateful for who you are and where you are today."

"We’ve all felt that insecurity in our lives when we weren’t sure of our purpose or direction and Alexandra’s book is a wonderful way to help children, from an early age, believe in themselves and in their own value," said Lisa Umina, founder and publisher, Halo Publishing International.

Faceless Beauty is now available at Halo Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, in hard cover for $19.95, paperback for $12.95 and $9.95 for the e-book.

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About Alexandra Coutrier:
Alexandra Coutrier is a warm and loving wife and mother, a woman with a passion to see people become who God made them to be. She has a love for uncovering the hidden potential in the lives of those whom the world has cast down, allowing them to uncover the gifts that lie within. Alex is on a mission to help others fulfill their potential and live out the best lives possible.

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