"Escape From Solomon's Church" is a Life-Transforming Journey into the Heart of God

From: Halo Publishing International
Published: Sun Dec 24 2017

Newport Beach, CA (USA) -- The Song of Solomon, a book of the Bible, is a lyrical poem of King Solomon and is his masterpiece of all songs. First time author Brad Kuechler has a fresh new angle and sees the Song of Solomon as a true story that contains layers of deep spiritual meaning. Kuechler reveals that the story is actually about a young, dark woman from Shulam who was beautiful in every way. From the hair on her head to the footprints of her feet and from her heart to her character, she was fairer than any other woman. This young Shulamite woman was in love with a young shepherd who didn’t have much worldly wealth to offer her, but he was her beloved.

They were made for each other, and they planned on spending the rest of their lives together. In fact, she was engaged to him. The only problem was that the king of Israel wanted her for himself. One day, as the king looked over his kingdom, he saw this woman who was beautiful in every way but engaged to the love of her life. The king wanted her, so he took her from her shepherd lover to add her to his collection of wives. This Shulamite woman would be his ultimate trophy. So, the king took her away and tried to get her to love him and forget her beloved. He offered her the very best the world and his version of church had to offer. He even seduced her with promises of the outward fruits of wealth, recognition, and a comfortable lifestyle. He gave her fragrant perfumes, spa treatments, unmatched wealth, and chef-prepared meals. This king was none other than King Solomon, and he is the villain of this story.

"Solomon’s culture caused her to strive for acceptance and recognition instead of resting in God’s love and provision," said Brad Kuechler, author. "Many have seen Solomon as a picture of Christ, however, it is not Solomon but the poor shepherd who is really a clearer picture of Jesus Christ. Think about it, Solomon had 1,000 wives, allowed foreign God’s into his kingdom, disobeyed God and ultimately lost the kingdom. That doesn’t sound like a picture of Jesus. On the other hand, the poor shepherd was rich with love, compassionate, dedicated, and was not filled with the pride of this world. I believe this book will open the eyes of many to see Jesus in a fresh new way and escape from a life of striving for fame, recognition and acceptance in the house of Solomon’s Church."

Kuechler’s book The Chronicles of Solomon I Escape From Solomon's Church: Song Of Solomon: An Epic Love Story Into The Heart Of God, covers the first two chapters of the Song of Solomon in which a rich king entices a young woman from her first love using the lure of great riches. If we examine the story further, we will find a lesson that teaches us to look beyond the surface of wealth and put our trust in God.

"In today’s culture we put too much emphasis on wealth and not enough on the true spirit of God’s relationship with us," said Brad Kuechler, author and lead pastor of Rock Solid Church. "Using the story of King Solomon I wanted to create a series of books designed to serve as a pilgrimage for readers to grow their faith and develop a deeper walk with God."

In this story we read of a King who uses his power and riches to entice a beautiful young woman from Shulam to leave the one true love of her life. This story is not unlike what we are seeing in today’s culture; a world in which possessions, professional advancement and money are often used as the measuring tool to determine success. Whereas, in Kuechler’s book, he demonstrates that it is our inner faith and love in God that allows us to find rest in Him.

"The entire series will not only enlighten you, but it will also awaken your first love for Jesus Christ in a fresh, new way," said Kuechler. "This book compares Solomon’s lifestyle and culture that he created in his kingdom and temple to modern-day Christianity and the simple teachings of Jesus Christ. Rather than strive and fight for the wealth of earthy possessions, my hope is that readers will find comfort in the knowledge that God’s love is all the riches we need to be truly satisfied."

"This book is far more than an explanation of the first two chapters of The Song of Solomon," said Lisa Umina, founder and president of Halo Publishing. "Brad takes the reader on a journey using Solomon’s story as a focal point, bringing the reader to a better understanding of the life God would have us lead and what He truly desires from his followers. I highly recommend this book and look forward to future volumes in the series."

The Chronicles of Solomon I Escape From Solomon's Church: Song Of Solomon: An Epic Love Story Into The Heart Of God is now available at Halo Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, in paperback for $21.95 and $9.99 for the e-book.

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About Brad Kuechler:
Brad Kuechler founded God’s Word International and has been the lead pastor of Rock Solid Church of San Pedro, California for two decades. Together with his wife, Carolyn, he pastors faithfully and speaks throughout the United States, bringing restoration and encouragement to people everywhere. Brad holds a master’s degree in Bible and Leadership from Vanguard University, speaks with a prophetic anointing nationally, and reaches thousands through outreach and his media ministry.

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