How to get numerous likes, comments and shares on Social Medias

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Published: Tue Dec 26 2017

From Facebook, twitter to Google+ and Instagram, we need popularity to boost our business. As follows are some methods to increase your likes and followers on different social media sites.
Social media shares
High quality post
There is a saying in internet industry, Content is the King. The most important part in social media account is the content. So, it's essential to create high quality and useful content for users or customers. They would be very glad to watch this original and useful post, and would be very pleasure to like or share it.

Email Signature
E-mail signature is a very good way to let your customers or clients know your social media account and they'll follow you there. Beside the E-mail, you can also add your social media profiles to blog, business card, forum profiles etc. This way, you'll get a lot of followers.

Embed Your Videos
When you upload videos to you Youtube Channel, you can add your social media information to YouTube profile or embed them into your videos. People will know about your social media page profiles.

About Us or Contact Us Pages
The about us or contact us pages are the most important sections of any website. That’s where most of the conversion takes place. Adding social media profile links on this page will offer your website visitors more mediums to contact you besides email and telephone. Also, since social media sites are more public, people can see comments about you.
About us or contact us page
About us or contact us are the most important pages of any website. This is where most conversions take place. Adding a social media profile link on this page will give your website visitors more than just email and phone numbers. And, as social media sites become more public, people can see Your comment.

Direct Mail
If you want your customers know your pages or accounts, you can send e-mail directly to them. These links can be added to coupons, brochures, and even catalogues.

Facebook Like Box
Adding a facebook like box on your website or blog page is very useful. But you must make sure it's visible and strategically placed on the website or the blog page.

Based on the high quality and useful contents you created, and other skills will help you to drastically promote your products, services and your brand, and get followers and likes.
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