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From: Masterstrokes
Published: Tue Dec 26 2017

We at Masterstrokes believe in creating innovative and quality ideas while meeting client’s requirement in the most economical, effective and attractive way possible. We provide facility to book ads in leading newspapers circulated in India at attractive rates. We are an authorized ad agency for national and regional newspaper like Hindustan Times, Times of India, Nvbharat Times, Hindustan (Hindi), Punjab Kesari, Dainik Jagran, Naiduniya, Amar Ujala. We act as an agent for newspaper advertising and provide space for commercial and personal ads to deliver perfect mix of promotion opportunities to every inviduals and business unit. We book classified ads immediately as per the category requirement of the clients across the nation. We act on your behalf to book your ad space in the newspaper of your choice ad per preferences and recommendations. To advertise any business it is important to understand its USPs, characteristics to comprehend to its status and name. We believe it’s our duty to provide our clients with most affordable, effective, attractive requirement as per their need.

Advertising includes creating awareness about any product or service that reaches the maximum target audience in the most effective and efficient manner. News papers are on the best source of media to reach wide target audience and spreading information amongst them. With the developed education system in the nation rural people similarly like urban people have started the habit of reading newspaper daily which increases the readers of the newspapers.
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