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From: VWS Ltd
Published: Thu Dec 28 2017

VWS Ltd (https://vwsip.co.uk/) is pleased to announce that they are offering an extensive range of security entry systems for business premises. They are committed to delivering reliable security services, from simple door entry solutions to full access control.

This company is highly experienced in building security entry with the combination of two different types of systems, Door Entry Systems Glasgow and Access Control. The integration of these two systems creates a tighter security entry with features that include alarm activation for unauthorised entrance within the premises and automatic unlock system to open the doors in case of fire emergency.

VWS Ltd designs entry systems with high standards and ensures that the systems are built in accordance with regulatory considerations. They do this in order to create entry systems that are easy to use and will not cause any inconvenience to the users. While they take great effort on making their products user-friendly, they also make sure that the level of security is not compromised.

This company provides professional installation solutions for different security entry systems. They have an engineering team trained and experienced in setting up city wide networks and simple standalone systems. According to them, "The versatility and ingenuity of the VWS engineering team along with their manufacturer accredited training means that your system installation will be of the highest quality and hassle free. The team have installed systems in executive office suites to the most demanding of social housing using products from GDX, Paxton, Lenel, Videx, Entrotec and many more".

Apart from design and installation solutions, VWS Ltd also offers a reliable and fast repair service. They aim to respond to every call within four hours in order to deliver quick repair solutions. This 4-hour response time covers both existing and new clients, ensuring that everyone receives the same quality of service at all times.

While there are a lot of electronic security systems Glasgow available in the market, this company aims to help clients choose the ideal solution for their needs. These specialists have the relevant knowledge and expertise to ensure that clients receive the level of security they deserve.

To know more details about this company and the security solutions that they offer, just visit their website at https://vwsip.co.uk/.

About VWS Ltd

VWS Ltd is an established supplier of a vast range of security solutions including networking, secure entry and intruder systems. They have skilled and highly trained specialists who design, install and repair different systems. In addition, their expertise extends to delivering fire safety, security, and intelligent building systems to clients. To speak with one of their representatives, you may call 01236 727233. As for your written enquiries, simply fill out the contact form on their official website, https://vwsip.co.uk/.
Company: VWS Ltd
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