How to Achieve Inner Peace and Harmony?

From: Lifes Park Weekly
Published: Thu Dec 28 2017

You can find a lot of people feeling depressed and dejected nowadays. Several reasons contribute to make them feel helpless and depressed and it can be a horrible situation to be in. Life has become fiercely competitive and it is no longer easy to lead a successful life. Everyone has become selfish and there is no place for the feeble minded in this modern world. There are so many problems that are material as well as existential and people also have to deal with family problems and complex relationships. There is also unemployment and some people even hate their jobs. Money is ruling the world.
Unfortunately, most people don't have adequate money and this situation adds to the frustration. People also have to deal with accidents, terrorist attacks, wars, crimes and many other miseries. How to stay positive and cheerful in the midst of all these complexities? It is a very difficult question to answer.

Erroneous concepts are misleading people
If you want to remain happy you should eliminate what is bad. The irony is that you cannot suddenly eliminate all the mishaps and miseries in the society. However, you can definitely do something to enhance or better your environment. Nobody can stay happy by ignoring everything you are not comfortable with. People become depressed because human intelligence understands what your animal ignorance is unable to perceive. You can easily find happiness in life when everyone around you remains happy and cheerful. A good number of erroneous concepts prevent human beings from understanding the real power of human mind. Most people do not have clear idea about sound and balanced mental health. People become depressed due to their own personal reasons and sometimes, they feel unbearable pain and sorrow. They might have their own fears, traumas and wounds as well.

Peace and happiness lie within you
If you want to find happiness in life you, you must have some realizations about yourself. The first thing to realize is that your happiness lies within you and you should not search happiness and meaning of life outside. Finding inner peace and happiness is very critical and it should be achieved through your power of choice. No one else can help you find the meaning of life and stay happy forever. In other words, nothing outside of your true inner self is incapable of helping you to find happiness in life. Peace and happiness is the reality that lies deep within you. This realization is the first step and you must find your ways to achieve the much needed inner peace.

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