Things You Need To Know About Sikh Weddings

Published: Wed Jan 17 2018

Sikh Weddings are a slightly different from normal Hindu weddings. There is no lack of enjoyment or fun but things are done little differently. The main ceremony has Anand Sahib (The Sikh Holy Grail) recitation and is carried out under official code of conduct of Sikh people. The code clearly states that the alliance that is being certified here whether arrange or love doesn’t takes any kind of discrimination under consideration. For them, all are equal in terms of lineage, race, and caste. They are completely against the practice of dowry since Sikh take it as a holy union of two people and not some kind of business deal. The practice of horoscope matching is also prohibited completely. Most Sikh weddings happen in mornings and mostly on Sundays which is a neutral day for Sikhs.

The wedding is fixed with a Roka which means the two families fix the union of their wards and now agree with the alliance of two souls. It is shortly followed by an engagement or mangani where the two exchange rings. It is then followed by Sangeet which is usually one or two days before the final day. Here the two families dance, sing and enjoy and do the traditional dance called "gidda". Ideally, the sangeet and mehendi functions take place take. It is then followed by Vatna or haldi where the two applied with sandalwood, turmeric, mustard, and besan paste. Next is gharoli where the relative carry out the groom carry out pitchers on their head to gurudwara located next to them. These pitchers are used to get water for the groom and bride from gurudwara in which they take bath on the final day.

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