MJR Solicitors Ltd: Assisting Clients In Their Power Of Attorney Needs

From: MJR Solicitors Ltd
Published: Fri Jan 19 2018

MJR Solicitors Ltd (http://mjrsolicitors.co.uk/) proudly informs the public of the availability of their Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) services. An LPA allows a person to appoint one or more people to make decisions on his behalf in case of illness or for any other instance when he cannot make decisions for himself. Such legal document is essential and can be life-saving, and thus only legitimate legal firms offer them.

The company takes pride in their comprehensive offering that any reasonable person ought to avail of. They believe that no one is certain of the future and so everyone 18 years of age and above with the right mental capacity, should be wise in preparing for life’s untoward situations.

According to them, "If you wait until you have the illness or the accident or your health deteriorates simply due to your age it may be too late to get a Lasting Power of Attorney document in place as your mental capacity may be such that you are unable to provide MJR Solicitors with the necessary instructions. In such circumstances a family member, friend or carer’s only option is to make an application to the court to be appointed as your Deputy which is a very time consuming and expensive route to authorisation. Wouldn’t it be better to choose your own Attorney from the comfort of your own home? Why not Contact Us for a free initial consultation so that we may discuss with you what needs to be done?"

MJR Solicitors Ltd specialises in providing health and welfare as well as property and financial affairs LPA assistance. They have varying fees for these types as well as depending on the number of attorneys the client would like to appoint. Their (Individual) Lasting Power of Attorney (Both Financial & Health and Welfare), for instance, is priced at £345 while its counterpart for married couples is at £575. All the other fees are displayed on the company’s website via http://mjrsolicitors.co.uk/fees/ for transparency.

Please note that all these prices may change without prior notice. The company has full rights to the above-mentioned rates. To book a free initial consultation with these legal will writing solicitors experts and to learn more about their other offerings, log on to their website at http://mjrsolicitors.co.uk/.

About MJR Solicitors Ltd

MJR Solicitors Ltd is a leading provider offering a wide range of legal services. They have both hourly rates and fixed fees to accommodate their clients’ varying will solicitors needs and budgets. With their expertise in the field, they have gained a pool of satisfied clients throughout the years. To be assisted with your legal concerns, contact 01243 945054 or send an email to mark@mjrsolicitors.co.uk. Alternatively, use the contact form accessible via http://mjrsolicitors.co.uk/contact/. Their official website is http://mjrsolicitors.co.uk/.
Company: MJR Solicitors Ltd
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Contact Email: mark@mrjsolicitors.co.uk
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