War On Veterans Affairs

Published: Sat Jan 20 2018

Washington DC / Are American Veterans being cheated under the Trump Administration?

Bi-partisan congressional members are concerned that disabled veterans are still being mistreated by the Dept of Veterans Affairs. Whistle-blowers will remain anonymous and only relevant information will be forwarded to a designated congressman.

How did this war on the VA start?

David Apperson, a disabled veteran who served in the U.S. Army as a law enforcement officer in South Korea has once again been denied benefits from the Dept of Veteran Affairs.

While serving overseas Mr. Apperson injured his neck, back and shoulders for actions protecting combat soldiers with the 1/32nd Infantry Regiment at Camp Howze Korea, as well as protecting citizens of Bongelchon, a small village in South Korea.

Dr. Antonio Fornito, MD of the Fort Worth Texas Outpatient Clinic sent four separate documents to the VA stating Mr. Apperson is totally and completely disabled due to military service. A little more than a month ago Mr. Apperson was told by a contracted physician with the Dept of Veterans Affairs in Chico California that she sides totally with the findings of Dr. Fornito.

The problem is Mr. Apperson was only 17 years old at the time he was in Korea and the unit he served in was one of only a few who were combat active (authorized by the U.S. Congress) after the "Vietnam War." This situation has caused problems for him and others who served overseas in the mid to late seventies.

"Besides law enforcement duties I was on five combat missions on the Korean DMZ as a machine gunner and to think I am still fighting the VA after 27 years is ridiculous. I filed my first claim in 1990 and was denied. After learning I could re-file, I filed again in 2006 because I was physically unable to do much of anything. Some days I can’t even do the simplest of task," stated Mr. Apperson.

During the past 14 years Mr. Apperson has been prescribed Percocet, Valium, Hydrocodone and Oxycontin. In the last two plus years he has been on morphine twice a day. While he was being seen by VA doctors it was determined not only had Mr. Apperson been injured, but he also suffers from severe chronic post-traumatic stress (PTSD) due to military service.

John Farley, a long-time friend of Mr. Apperson, and also a disabled veteran stated; "I can’t believe what the VA has done to this veteran. He served his country with honor and now can in no way work, but as with thousands of other veterans been denied VA benefits."

Mr. Apperson states; "At first I was denied because I of a medical marijuana card. Fortunately I won that part of the argument with the VA." He presently receives $1350 a month from the VA for a living stipend, but has no family to depend on financially because he spent most of his childhood in foster homes and other state-run facilities.

Even after being denied vocational rehabilitation training on three separate occasions for medical reasons he was denied financial benefits once again because a VA clerk in Oakland California didn’t read the medical information that was supplied to the VA and simply stated that Mr. Apperson was in service during peacetime.

Mr. Apperson said; "There is no peacetime for cops." He also states; "Neither would I have volunteered for the front lines if I knew I would be denied benefits for injuries sustained while serving my country. The VA has blood on their hands ! Veterans are dying everyday because the Veterans Benefit Administration is run by lawyers and temporary administration officials."

During the last four years this man has been fighting homelessness, but says he is embarrassed to ask others for help. A VA employee with the HUD/Vash program has told Mr. Apperson that he will be able to help him in the future when the program is refunded. "I don’t want anything from the VA but what I am entitled to. I only want what is right so I can live the remainder of my life in peace, no matter how short of life I may have", he stated.

This situation has caused this one time American Patriot to lose faith in his country. He worked to help President Trump win some of the his early primary states on the east coast because Mr. Trump said he would help Veterans. Mr. Apperson says; "Under the leadership of VA Secretary David Shulkin (known as Shuckin Jive by many veterans) is doing nothing more than lip service for Trump. Veterans are still being denied benefits and he is nothing more than a puppet on a string, further perpetuating the unofficial motto of the VA; deny deny till they die !"

Mr. Apperson is working closely with congressional representation on this matter and is now fielding calls from brave VA employees who are tired of the deception perpetrated on our nation's veterans. VA employees with inside information are encouraged to contact Mr. Apperson as soon as possible.
Employee data will remain anonymous and only relevant information will be forwarded to the U.S. Congressman working with Mr. Apperson.
For more information see http://www.myveteran.org
Contact Name: DMZveteran
Contact Email: david.apperson@gmail.com
Contact Phone: 541.213.6594

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