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From: Gabriel Fulton
Published: Thu Feb 01 2018

Everyone needs financial services at one point. They want to make a deposit, open a savings account, and get a loan and more. Based on their needs, they look into the available banks in Portland. There are various financial institutions available and it is hard to take a decision, but after looking into the available ones and evaluating facts, the decision is easier. Portland banks offer everything needed to customers.

Banks are the most well-known and most chosen financial institutions, everyone knows about them, what services they provide, they invest in advertising a lot and know how to attract customers. Banks in Portland provide clients with diverse services, assisting them when they have to take decisions and in obtaining loans. However, in certain aspects they tend to be stricter and they evaluate a client’s score and see whether they qualify to obtain a loan. This is one of the reasons why people seek an alternative and they want to check other options.

Besides Portland banks, there are other institutions that deserve attention and popularity. For example, a credit union offers the same services as banks and they are more beneficial. You can make the same transactions at a credit union and more than that, you can count on support and a friendlier perspective. Members there will guide you in the right direction when you want a loan, for instance. There are certain services available, for individuals that need personal loans, but also for professionals that want to start up a business or extend their existing one.

Credit unions have gained more and more popularity along time and they extended their services. They have a wider range of ATMs, they provide mobile and internet banking and members are active when it comes to taking decisions and organizing meetings. What is worth mentioning is that the credit union is non-profit and every member is regarded as a shareholder and not a stakeholder. Banks treat people as customers and they only want to make profit out of them through fees and interest rates. On the other hand, credit unions have fewer fees, allowing members to save money.

Taking a decision is not always easy, especially if you don’t know which direction to go. With so many financial institutions available, it is no wonder that a person can’t decide easily. One essential aspect is to evaluate current options, see what banks and credit unions offer based on your needs. Are you respected as a member? Do you have easy access to services? It also helps to discuss directly with a credit union member and see what he/she has to say about their experience and if they recommend becoming a member, how easy it is to register and what it takes. Once you compare options and services, you will be able to decide better and find out what is in your best interest.

Are you currently using the services of banks in Portland ( https://www.onpointcu.com ) ? Do you want to make a change and see what else is there? Credit unions offer other advantages compared with Portland banks ( https://www.onpointcu.com ) and you have a lot to gain from them.

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