Apollo Sugar Clinic’s Path-breaking Documentation of Diabetes in India

Published: Mon Feb 12 2018

Apollo Sugar Clinics has recently completed screening 302127 people for diabetes across the country. This CSR initiative aims to identify diabetes in early stages so that the burden of disease is reduced.

Diabetes causes complications leading to hospitalization, need for organ transplantations, and surgeries. Unfortunately, there is a vast population that has undetected diabetes.
Diabetes Screening Activity

Every month, Apollo Sugar Clinics conducts around 30,000 diabetes screenings without charging anything. Typical camp activities include measuring BMI, BP, and random blood glucose levels. Data with respect to age, gender, family history of diabetes, and coexisting conditions is collected.Participants are educated on diabetes, and provided health status cards to track progress.

Diabetes education includes regulation of carbohydrate intake, including dietary fiber, and avoiding high-sugar, high-fat foods. An exercise of at least 150 minutes per week is advised.
People who are at risk are asked to maintain their blood sugar levels below 126 mg/dL. They are also asked to keep their cholesterol levels in check and get periodical tests.

About Apollo Sugar Clinics
Apollo Sugar Clinics is a single specialty diabetes and endocrine healthcare provider formed as a collaboration between Apollo Health & Lifestyle and Sanofi.

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