Nuclear Group Entertainment Announces the Launch of New Record Label

Published: Mon Feb 12 2018

Nuclear Group Entertainment (NGE), a new independent record label based out of both Miami and New York, has assembled a team of gifted performers, each unique in their own approach to creating the sounds that will fuel the exploding global music market. The label aims to provide a wide variety of styles from hip-hop and R&B to dancehall and beyond, contributing to the diversity of sound across the airwaves in today’s hyper-connected world. NGE’s goal is to focus the spotlight directly at their immensely talented, yet currently unheralded roster of artists.

President Leslie Colby describes NGE’s passion for elevating artists to prominence, stating, “Nuclear Group Entertainment was built upon an unwavering drive to provide artists with an opportunity to expand the reach of their craft. Our team has developed into a family, creating an atmosphere that fosters creativity and presents each artist with the ability to become an integral component of their own future as well as the entire operation.”

Nuclear Group Entertainment has put together a roster of talented artists overflowing with potential. Following the formation of this new venture, each artist will be rolled out in a manner finely tuned for his or her respective sound in order to maximize exposure for their previously overlooked talents. For more information about NGE’s team and upcoming releases, please visit


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