Published: Tue Feb 13 2018

Teacup Inc., a digital marketing startup, is excited to announce the unveiling of its new website, GoTeacup.com. This reveal officially brings Teacup out of beta, securing it as a new marketing solution for small businesses. By entering a URL into Teacup’s recently launched homepage, Teacup builds Adwords campaigns, Facebook ads, and unique landing pages instantly.

As Teacup grows, its focus has honed in on independent practitioners initially leading it to the Physical Therapy and medical industries. Teacup is now helping clinics and doctors across North America who wish to grow their practice digitally, along with other diverse small businesses like tour companies, life coaches, and even a feng shui expert.

Teacup was founded by Dean Levitt, the co-founder of the GoDaddy-acquired email marketing service Mad Mimi. The inspiration for Teacup was simple: to simplify digital marketing.

“I've helped small businesses grow for over a decade but it all really came home to me when my mother launched her business,” said Levitt. “She had so many questions around online marketing and the more she researched, the more complicated and overwhelming it became.”

This small-business-centric startup specializes in Google’s Adwords and Facebook Ads with plans to launch into more ad networks soon. It simplifies ad creation by automatically writing and designing ads for customers with just a URL and a few simple questions. Teacup’s AI finds top keywords and writes Google-approved headlines in seconds simplifying this otherwise tedious process. It also creates landing pages instantly by sourcing logos and images. Teacup’s team then launches and manages these campaigns delivering real results for customers.

In addition to software, Teacup is passionate about delivering quality, educational content online.Teacup’s Blog was recognized by Feedspot as a Top 30 Adwords Blog in 2017. It covers a wide range of topics like Adwords, social media, advertising budgets, tips and tricks, and current marketing trends.

As a full-service ad creation and management company, Teacup plans to grow exponentially in 2018. To learn more about this company, please visit our website.

About Teacup:
Launched in 2016, Teacup Inc. is dedicated to helping small businesses acquire new customers effortlessly. Through Teacup’s AI and simple to use software, it handles keyword research, ad creation, landing pages and campaign structure for Adwords and other ad networks. Teacup also offers in-depth reporting and optimization. Teacup was founded by Dean Levitt, co-founder of email marketing service Mad Mimi that was acquired in 2014 by GoDaddy. For more information, please visit www.goteacup.com.

Contact Name: Amanda Larson
Contact Email: amanda@goteacup.com

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