Yoritex Inc. Offers 1000 EUR MasterCard Gift Cards to Loyal Buyers of YRX Tokens During Ongoing ICO

Published: Wed Feb 14 2018

The Toronto-based Fintech company Yoritex Inc., is currently running the ICO campaign to support the development of its SimcoePayâ„¢, the First European Cross-Border Multicurrency Online Bank for EU Non-Residents, has announced initiation of the first Loyalty Program for all ICO participants.

Starting February 15, 2018 and till March 01, 2018 owners of YRX tokens can exchange their YRX tokens to the Limited Edition SimcoePay MasterCard Prepaid Gift Cards fully loaded with 1000 EUR, 500 EUR or 250 EUR.

As announced earlier, during ICO YRX tokens can be purchased with 60% discount (ending May 10, 2018). Purchasing of YRX tokens will allow to participate in SimcoePayâ„¢ payment system at the very beginning of this innovative financial instrument.

During this Loyalty Program campaign special exchange rate for the SimcoePay MasterCard Gift Cards are offered:
• 1000 EUR SimcoePay MasterCard Gift Card - for 1000 YRX (one thousand cards only)
• 500 EUR SimcoePay MasterCard Gift Card - for 500 YRX
• 250 EUR SimcoePay MasterCard Gift Card - for 250 YRX

Loyalty Program participants will receive their SimcoePay MasterCard Gift Cards before June 10, 2018. Yoritex Inc. wil pay for issuing and delivery of the cards. Number of cards issued per one order is limited.

‘Cryptocurrencies enthusiasts may worry about serious problems, e.g., unpredictability of exchange rates and difficulties in using altcoins for investment goals other than speculation purposes’ â€" said Leon Dain, CEO of Yoritex. ‘That’s why most of the people cryprocurrencies are associated with high and uncontrolled risks. Yoritex offers the effective risk hedging approach’.

To participate in Loyalty Program you need to go to company site www.yoritex.com, purchase YRX tokens, and order the selected prepaid SimcoePay MasterCard Gift Card for the YRX tokens.

Company site www.yoritex.com provides detailed instructions for participation in Loyalty Program for all ICO applicants. Also, in the beginning of February Yoritex has offered to clients a new service â€"cryptocurrencies exchange using other crypto- or fiat currencies via VISA and MasterCard.

About Yoritex Inc.

Yoritex Inc. was established and incorporated in Canada in 2009. The company launched several projects in mHealth, engineering and IT technologies in co-operation with Blackberry corporation and other Canadian and European companies. In 2016 Yoritex has started development of the First European Cross-Border Multicurrency Online Bank for EU Non Residents (SimcoePayâ„¢ project).
Contact Name: PR Department
Contact Email: info@yoritex.com

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