Fatherhood and Men’s Mental Health Advocate launches Platform to promote legislative changes to lo

Published: Wed Feb 14 2018

Leland Dieno the founder of No Deadbeat Society (nodeadbeatsociety.com), a movement and clothing line that has grown to have well over 40,000 followers on social media, empowering men to become better men and to share the journey of fatherhood, has launched www.neveryourfault.com. The new platform’s objective is to provide the general public with a place to spread awareness for for advocating for updates to criminal codes in order to better prosecute and convict those who commit sexual assault. The platform also touches on other legislative changes including large payments to keep victims silent, and false accusations.

“The #MeToo campaign brought up a lot of very complex debates. Men’s rights activists seemed to be focused on a lot of conversation surrounding false accusations and how it was labelling men as horrible human beings, while on the other side, lists were being shared on social media accusing men of commiting crimes rather than going to the police. I got into many heated arguments advocating that we should always encourage victims to go to police, but often that was rebuked with statistics on how often prosecutions ended up in charges and actual jail time” Dieno says.

But that all changed when a few women he was close with ended up speaking to him about their own experiences many years prior to the #metoo campaign launching and how they were assaulted. ‘When you get caught up in the debate, you fail to realize just how horrible some people are, and just as importantly how difficult it is for a victim to navigate the system and feel safe while doing so. I feel in general, across the board when it comes to any crimes, our systems do a very poor job of supporting victims”. Dieno continued.

The purpose of NeverYourFault.com is to address 5 areas that Dieno says law makers should start updating legislation: Lack of Convictions, Lack of Support for Victims, Advocating Reporting, False Accusations and the fact that the wealthy are able to buy their way out of being criminally charged,

Dieno, a web developer and digital marketing professional by trade built the website to include some specific features, including a place where you can select your city and then tweet a message supporting legislative change and advocating for victims. Using his understanding of analytics and digital marketing he was able to customize the tweets by city to optimize the reach and ensure the message gets heard.

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