3Cinteractive Announces Industry's First RCS Business Messaging Engagement Platform

Published: Thu Feb 15 2018

Today, 3Cinteractive (3C), the leading provider of mobile marketing services for enterprise businesses, announced the mobile industry’s first A2P Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging engagement platform. This platform is an extension of 3C’s existing mobile engagement platform, enabling brands to orchestrate and deliver the next generation of A2P messaging created by RCS capabilities.

As a much-anticipated upgrade to the current SMS experience, RCS is poised to become the global messaging standard as more carriers launch this new technology. With over 138 million monthly active users of RCS services using the technology worldwide, consumers are already embracing this new technology.

3C’s platform enables users to build comprehensive RCS workflows that leverage new feature-rich functionality enabled by RCS. Brands can design and incorporate suggested replies within their messages, rich cards containing high quality images and actionable buttons, and rich carousels that engage consumers with multiple offers. These features can be built into messaging engagements with RCS-enabled devicesâ€"unlocking actionable, ‘app-like’ experiences that fundamentally change how customers interact with brands in text messaging.

3C’s RCS Engagement Platform:

Allows businesses to deliver powerful RCS messages to all customers on all supported devices, without having to worry about implementation differences on a per-carrier/ MaaP platform basis.
Enables the creation of complex workflows, that both leverages the full functionality of RCS, but also integrates into existing systems to leverage the consumer data that brands already rely on.
Bridges the RCS/SMS gap during the transitional period, ensuring that brands can message their customers with confidence, knowing that the message will display correctly regardless of which technology the customer is on.
Simplifies the creation and management of RCS assets used in campaigns though an embedded RCS Content Management System.
“At 3C, we’ve always focused on removing the complexities of engaging with consumers across any mobile channel. And with the addition of RCS into our platform, we’re excited to now enable brands to drive high-value, next-gen commerce, loyalty, and customer service experiences directly through their native text messaging app,” said John Duffy, Founder and CEO of 3C.

You can learn more about RCS here or email 3C at info@3C.com.

About 3C:

Driven by a team with dynamic technical and strategic expertise, 3C empowers leading brands and retailers to develop deeper, more valuable relationships with their customers. Through its mobile marketing services, 3C extends the connection between customers and brands, driving increased loyalty, brand awareness, and results.

Leveraging 3C’s expertise connecting mobile to business results and its Switchbladeâ„¢ platform’s multichannel capabilitiesâ€"including RCS, SMS and MMS, Push, mobile coupons, mobile wallet, mobile web, location based services and moreâ€"marketers can deliver timely, relevant engagements at the moment of need.


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