Health And Wellness Expert Erin Boardman Wathen Launches Innovative Weight Loss Program Aimed At Wom

Published: Mon Feb 19 2018

There's a growing epidemic facing women in business where weight and emotional eating are getting in the way of asking for what they deserveâ€"especially for those who work from home. Renowned health, nutrition, and wellness expert, Erin Boardman Wathen, has launched an easy-to-follow program to address the needs of these women.

As a holistic health coach and food addiction counselor, Wathen has noticed an increase in businesswomen turning down lucrative speaking engagements in fear that weight gain has caused them to no longer appear as they do in their professional headshots. She also knows firsthand that weight gain keeps many entrepreneurs who work from home from attending conferences or networking events due to lack of confidence. For those who aren't self-employed, studies also have shown that overweight women are less likely to be selected by employers to fill higher-wage jobs, especially when interacting with the public.

"This new program is designed specifically for women who work from home and have tried it all," said Wathen. "They've lost some weight, then gained it back. Felt better, then felt worse. Started the entrepreneurial journey, only to bring along a few extra pounds for the ride. Before long, they're afraid to interact with their peers in-person, because their headshots or website images no longer resemble their weight gain. My program will be their last diet ever."

With her Weight Loss Coach Program, Wathen helps participants see why they haven't been able to stick to a diet before, the impact working from home has on their progress, and why they have gained the weight back. Through the program, participants will work one-on-one with Wathen to tackle why the other diets did not work, and why they will never need to be on another one again.

Participants in Wathen’s Weight Loss Coach Program will enjoy:
• Customized one-on-one coaching sessions
• Clear, practical goals that are achievable
• Motivation and guidance to achieve your goals
• Tangible tools and educational materials
• Strategies for every food situation imaginable
• An understanding expert to hold them accountable

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