Realizing the importance of a corporate headshot

Published: Mon Feb 19 2018

As a business owner, you are the face of your business and this means that having a corporate headshot is essential. Taking a photo using the mobile phone or a regular camera is not enough and why risk quality when you can hire a professional. There are photographers that take only corporate headshots and they are the best at what they do.

In the digital world, everyone knows that people easily click away from a website if they don’t like what they see or if they are not attracted to it. If you want to make a very good first impression, you should consider using only high-quality photos. Corporate headshots are used in many occasions, they are usually posted on official websites, when people look up the “About Us” section, on social media platforms, in newspapers and various articles and publications. The same headshot can be posted on multiple sources and this way, the message spreads and the business you run becomes more visible.

Some might be worried about the costs involved in taking a corporate headshot. These depend on what you are looking for exactly. There are basic packages that include a retouched photo with a solid background, usually white or grey, priced more reasonably and ideal if you want something simple and clean. On the other hand, there are more extensive packages where you can choose from different backdrops and you can discuss with the photographer upon several aspects, you can pose in different ways and have more than one headshots retouched. Professional photographers have studios where they take pictures and they have an entire staff working there, making sure every detail is perfect.

It is recommended taking headshots when major changes occur. For example, if you changed your appearance drastically, you can upload a new headshot. It is advised not to use an old photo or a cropped one, since it is not very professional. People that enter websites study faces and they make connections, they will see through this way if they can trust the business and if they want to collaborate with you. Photographers are very aware of this aspect and they will bring out your personality in the photo. They will see which your best angle is and how to make you look photogenic, even if you are usually not.

Not many people know how to pose and posting a headshot online, on the company’s website is not the same as posting a personal photo on social media. The image needs to look good, to inspire confidence and to convince people that the person is respectable and powerful. Considering all these aspects, finding a photographer is highly recommended. Searching online is the first step, as there you can see the photographer’s portfolio and the clients they have worked with, what experience they have, if they have good ratings and such.

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