The ON! Channel Quickly Rising To One Day Compete With Netflix and Hulu.

Published: Tue Feb 20 2018

"See what you'v been missing" is the slogan of the recently launched The ON! Channel, and the truth is, if you haven't been watching, then you are missing a lot.

Launched in September 2017, ON! ( has become one of the more popular places to watch entertainment content. What separates ON! from platforms like Hulu and Netflix, firstly is that it has live 24 hour scheduled programming (like network TV and Premium Cable channels (such as HBO, FOX and STARZ) as well as on-demand viewing, and secondly, the online channel features films and series from independent creators (Independent meaning not financed by big studios or production companies such as Warner and Disney). Many of the films and series are award winning or highly rated and celebrated. Several movies and series fund their productions through Indiegogo and Kickstarter, while others raise money the old fashions way, finding investors and producer who believe in their production.

Series airing on ON! includes such highly revered shows such as the talk shows, Every Way Woman, The Kim Fields produced Talk With Armani, and Queen City Fame in the mornings, The Late Morning Soap Operas Bondage, Lovers Lane and BrothAhood as well as shows for kids and teens in the afternoon. However, it's the Prime time schedule that draws the biggest audience of live viewership with series like The Back Pages (a modern day Twilight Zone anthology series), Harper's Radar, The Chronicles of Jessica Wu, Lipstick The Series, Illa Ghee's New York Minute, The Get Live Radio Video Show, About Us, just to name a few. Subscribers have discovered that there is something for everyone and with new films and series added all the time, its hard not to find something to enjoy. Like Netflix and Hulu, you can also watch all movies and series anywhere and anytime on-demand. The ON! Channel has stated that their on-demand viewing hours are way beyond anything they had expected, which means...people are watching and in great number.

"We created The ON! Channel after leaving one of the big film festivals, and realizing that there was so much incredible content out there that never reached a mainstream audience for what ever reason," stated a member of the ON! Team. "Not only will one be able to enjoy hundreds of amazing films and series from these creators, ON! has begun creating original content as well.

So far ON! has a 5 star rating and membership is growing by leaps and bounds. For those who want to subscribe, ON! has not only made sign up easy by allowing you to subscribe with a click using your Google and Facebook, they also offer a 7 day free trial.

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