Basketball Startup Helps Rec Players Monetize Their Love and Passion for the Game

Published: Fri Feb 23 2018

Millions of people love the game of basketball. The majority of them will never be able to experience the game at the professional level as a player or team owner. Jamar Johnson, a former college basketball player, and now entrepreneur is changing that.

Not making it to the NBA out of college left a huge hole in Jamar Johnson’s life. It wasn’t until he realized the blessing and business opportunity in solving the problem for the millions of players like him.

Before the CBL, players had no way to leverage recreational basketball leagues to seek out college or professional opportunities, or use recreational leagues as a way to monetize their love and passion for the game. Now they can when they become a player member of the CBL.

The CBL is adding a new and soon to be released App that Johnson believes will become the operating system and platform for the entire 30 million U.S. and 450 million global amateur player markets.

For now, Johnson said the company will focus on the U.S. player market with an emphasis on the adult men and women players.

"We’ll be releasing our new App soon and I believe our marketshare numbers will get up there with the likes of Nike Basketball Shoes (93% of basketball shoes market), Microsoft Windows (83% of computer OS market), and Google (75% of search engine market), in a very short period of time," says Johnson.

The CBL is currently offering 10% of the company’s ownership to the public and to players via their equity crowdfund offering. The minimum investment starts at $100.

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