GNER Marathon Guwahati, 2018 sponsors by Kolan, as hygiene partners

Published: Fri Feb 23 2018

Kolan, the first eco-friendly & biodegradable bath wipes brand in India, is proud to announce its partnership with the 2nd edition of Great North Eastern Run (GNER-Marathon) for their upcoming full marathon event in Guwahati on 25th February 2018. Kolan aims to raise awareness on taking care of personal hygiene & cleanliness using eco-friendly wipes among all the runners, athletes & spectators participating in the 42.195 Km run.

Kolan will be distributing gift cards to all the participants of the race & all the winners will be present with Kolan gift hamper. The Great Northeastern Run is formed with the aim to build up the running culture and community in Northeast India. The race begins from Deepor Beel & completes at Chandubi Lake.

Northeast has a huge potential for budding athletes, who with proper exposure and training can excel not only in national but also in international running platforms.

Mr.Anshul Sharma, Marketing Head, Kolan said "Personal Hygiene as an area is neglected in sports many a time before. However, with the use of Kolan bath wipes the athletes can have a quick waterless bath which will give them a refreshing feel & hygienic body cleansing. We have given great emphasis on producing eco-friendly biodegradable products that are recycled into the soil naturally with no negative footprint on the environment.

Kolan bath wipes can be a handy product in a number of ways. The advantages of having a water-less bath are enormous, it can be used in sports activities like running, football, basketball etc. It is an ideal product to carry while going for an outdoor activity like trekking, hiking, mountaineering & so on. It can also be used to offer complete bed bath to bed-ridden patients in hospitals & at home.

Be a part of our journey to bring you 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly products that save India's environment for today, tomorrow & future.

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