BOTY hires J.C. Novoa as Chief Technology Officer

Published: Mon Feb 26 2018

Appocalypse, Inc. dba BOTY, which connects people at the bar through it’s mobile app, today announced it has hired J.C. Novoa as Chief Technology Officer. J.C. brings over 20 years of engineering and leadership experience to the company. He will report directly to Brian Turner, BOTY’s Chief Executive Officer.

As CTO, J.C. will be responsible for evolving our technology strategy, scaling our IT systems and infrastructure, and driving execution on our roadmap to help use technology to create the world’s best bar experience.

Brian said, "During our extensive search for a CTO, J.C. emerged as the natural choice given his technology know how and his passion for and understanding of the company’s mission and vision. He will help us bring awareness to our new brand and help us be more efficient with our technological output. I’m delighted to officially welcome J.C. on board and look forward to his contributions to BOTY’s growing community."

"Many people frequent local establishments to relax and socialize and most of us have spent our fair share of time in bars. Whether you stop in to chat with a favorite bartender, meet up with friends or are looking to meet new people – the bar is the center for connectivity. BOTY is an exciting, fun and interactive app that enables users to connect with others more easily at their favorite bars. For people wanting to meet new people or have a good time while out at bars, the BOTY app not only entertains them, but provides an opportunity to network within the bar setting and beyond," said Brian.

J.C. is passionate about helping companies realize and achieve their full potential with high customer engagement and a well thought out technological roadmap. He has a strong reputation for his leadership and team-building skills. J.C. exudes enthusiasm for overcoming challenges and employs a strong work ethic. J.C. came to the United States from El Salvador with only $100 and the clothes on his back and managed to become the Chief Technology Officer of a multi-million dollar global company.

About BOTY
BOTY recognizes the disconnection caused by traditional social technologies and strives to reconnect people at the center of connectivity – the bar. The BOTY mobile app uses the technology we love to facilitate face to face engagement. This innovative, high-tech company is pushing the limits of social technology, empowering the bar community and enhancing the bar experience like never before.

BOTY was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

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