Calamander, a handy little Chrome extension for Google Calendar, has been released by Redwerk

Published: Tue Feb 27 2018

The World is spinning incredibly fast nowadays. You may be doing yoga in the morning, going crazy on a Weezer concert in the evening, and skiing somewhere in the Alps a couple of days after. Some people have a schedule so tight, they can’t even remember everything they’ve planned so far. And some people, on the contrary, can miss the desired event just because they aren’t used to go out, and a new addition to their plans can simply slip from their memory. None of us has a hard drive inside our brains, sometimes we all need some reminder.

On February, 11, Redwerk uploaded a brand new extension to the Chrome Web Store. It was presented in a form of a little addition to the Google Calendar. This tiny application, with a somewhat whacky name Calamander, can totally change the way you treat events online.

With this extension, in a couple of clicks, you can add an event from Facebook or any other website to any of your custom calendars in Google. When clicked on, the extension automatically fetches the name, description, link, location, starting and ending time of an event. You can also add your notes to an event if you need to. Google Calendar service then will remind you of your plans so that you wouldn’t miss a thing.

Calamander shows itself useful both for people with a busy schedule and active people that don’t want to miss getting new experiences.

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Redwerk is an offshore custom software company established in 2005. They deliver software solutions for mobile, desktop, web and cloud platforms. Redwerk’s programmers are able to put the most advanced technologies to the good use and create an application in any modern programming language depending on project’s needs. The technology stack includes Python, Java, C#, Scala, C++, Swift, Ruby, PHP, .NET, Node.js and many others. Redwerk works with companies worldwide including WorldNow, Justin Alexander and Green Valley.
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