Eubiotics Market worth over $9 Bn by 2024

Published: Tue Mar 06 2018

Rise in adoption of natural growth promotors (NGPs) for animal nutrition by livestock farmers owing to ill effects of antibiotics growth promoters (AGPs) should have positive impact on eubiotics market size. They are categorized as safe and natural feed additives to enhance growth performance, feed utilization & efficiency and pathogen resistance. Growing awareness regarding animal health and nutrition supported by high investments in this sector should drive industry growth.

They consist of probiotics, prebiotics, organic acids and essential oil which are biocompatible additives and do not cause any potential harm to animal as well as human health. Approval of GRAS status to eubiotics product range supported by China favorable policies encouraging research and development of novel products for animal nutrition may positively favor industry growth.

Positive indicators in livestock production owing to increase in meat consumption mainly in India, China, Japan and Malaysia should favor eubiotics market growth. China meat consumption is more than 60 kilo per person per year in 2016. Shifting preferences towards better diets and protein intake should fuel product demand.

Growing concerns regarding livestock diseases including bird influenza and swine flu, foot & mouth disease and pathogenic infections which has led to mortality, lower fertility, reduced productivity and yield. In 2016, Foot & Mouth Disease cause around 1% to 5% mortality rate in adult livestock and around 5% to 94% in lambs. This factor may drive livestock farmers attention towards animal nutrition to combat pathogenic infection thereby promoting product demand. Eubiotics facilitates growth of beneficial microflora in the animals which helps in suppressing harmful bacteria and stimulating immune response.

Strict amendment by FDA and EU Commission on ban of AGPs owing to bioaccumulation in animals, may develop resistance to medical antibiotics. Prebiotic and probiotics may potentially replace AGPs maintaining gut flora to enhance immunity and develop pathogen resistance, which may enhance eubiotics demand. Increasing R&D expenditure to examine role of organic acids and essential oil as alternative growth promoters should boost product demand.

Lack of systematic evaluation examine actual effects on animal health accompanied with standardization issues in maintaining microorganism strains and essential oil blends may cause additional cost thereby challenging industry profitability and affect the market price trend.

Eubiotics Market, By Product

Organic acid based market size is poised to surpass USD 2.5 billion over the forecasted timeframe. It improves protein & energy utilization along with reduction of diet pH in livestock which helps in regulating digestive mechanism. Organic acids include lactic, fumaric, formic, propionic and acetic acids and has wide application usage in poultry, swine and aquaculture thereby contributing towards eubiotics demand.

Probiotics market size may register gains close to 8% by 2024. It is a group of directly fed micro- organism including Lactobacilli, Streptococcus, Bifidobacterium and Bacillus which helps maintain microbial population in animal gastrointestinal tract to enhance growth performance and maintain overall health. Increasing investments in developing novel products to meet optimum animal nutrition requirement should favor eubiotics industry growth.

Eubiotics Market, By Form
Dry form eubiotics may witness strong gains at over 7.5% up to 2024. It widely used in cattle and poultry feed owing to low transportation and storage cost. Dry forms fortified with essential energy material and flavoring compounds serve as an effective nutrient for animal health.

Liquid form may witness significant gains owing to low risk of contamination and simple manufacturing process. Increasing aquaculture, pig and cattle nutritional demand to enhance production and growth performance should positively favor industry growth.

Eubiotics Market, By Application
Eubiotics market size from gut health applications may exceed USD 4 billion by sales at the end of 2024. Growing concerns regarding gut infections leading to efficiency loss, low productivity and additional cost for treatment may fuel product demand. Probiotics, prebiotics and essential oils helps in maintaining gastrointestinal flora which helps in preventing development of undesirable bacteria thereby stimulating product demand.

Yield application may grow significantly at over to 8% by 2024. It enhances feed utilization and energy optimization in comparatively less feed. Increasing demand to balance feed cost, efficiency and performance in livestock forming is likely to contribute towards industry growth.

Eubiotics Market, By Livestock
Eubiotics market size from poultry applications is anticipated to exceed over USD 3.5 billion within the forecasted timeframe. Poultry animals are subjected to environmental stress due to hatching, temperature and production which may have ill effects on yield, productivity and growth performance thereby driving product demand. Eubiotics including essential oil, probiotics and organic acids helps in improving egg and meat quality along with increasing productivity and feed efficiency.

Swine applications may witness significant gains at over 7.5% by 2024. Essential oils and probiotics are widely used in swine nutrition as potential alternatives for AGPs. Pigs are susceptible to microbial infections and reduced growth performance in post weaning period which increases need for natural growth promoters such as probiotics essential oil and organic acids to enhance immune response and performance thereby contributing towards product demand.

Aquaculture applications may register strong gains owing to growing investments for fish nutrition along with increasing fish meat consumption to maintain protein intake and consume healthy diet. Probiotics and prebiotics improve survival rate and meat quality in aquaculture along with long shelf life which is likely to boost product demand.

Eubiotics Market, By Region
Europe led by France, UK and Germany eubiotics market size is estimated to rise to USD 3.2 billion by 2024. Regulatory amendments regarding antibiotics ban by EU Commission accompanied with increasing livestock disease in this region should drive industry growth. Favorable policies which approves 40 probiotics preparation in Europe for animal nutrition may act as another driving factor for regional industry growth.

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