The Internet Can Decide Where This Author Gets His Tattoo, and What It Will Be!

Published: Thu Mar 08 2018

There’s a new reading experience on Kickstarter called Crash Philosophy. In it, readers can choose any of the ten characters, ranging from an Alien to a Human Baby to a Robot Assassin, and put them in the setting of their choosing, from a mundane Pet Store to the insane Flying Prison. The result is 100 fictional possibilities from over two-dozen authors.

The Kickstarter offers many of the normal packages, including copies of the book and tickets to the release event at the Alamo Drafthouse, where they’re screening "Deep Blue Sea," a movie that matches one of their combinations of a Great White Shark in an Evil Laboratory. Beyond that, there are some crazy bonus incentives giving readers incredible deciding power!

If the campaign hits its stretch goals, the creator of Crash Philosophy, author Thomas A. Fowler, will give his backers the ability to choose more than their characters and settings. They’ll get to choose his cosplay at Denver Comic Con in 2018, new characters and settings for the second installment of the anthology, and more importantly, which of the Crash Philosophy characters he’ll get a tattoo of, and where it’s placed!

"I am going to set some rules," Fowler said in one of his videos about the campaign. "I’m not going to let you Boaty McBoatface me! I know how you work, internet!"

In creating this one-of-a-kind reading experience, Fowler wanted rewards that were equally unique and gives his readers the power to decide. The campaign goes until March 30. People can back the Kickstarter at
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